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An irregular shape can be any number of different angles. Irregular simply means its not regular, in other words, it's sides and angles are not all the same size.

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Q: What does a iregular shape look like?
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What is an iregular shape?

A shape with sides of unequal length.

What is an iregular quadrilateral?

an non symmetrical 4 sided shape such as a Rhombus or a Trapezoid

What shapes has no equal sides and no parallel sides?

scalene triangle,circle,a polygon of iregular shape

A shape that has 4 sides and two sides that are not equal?

A Shape thast has two sides and four which are not the same is...drum iregular square.Which is not

What does the shape of Russia look like?

Russia is the largest country in the world, spanning from Eastern Europe to Northern Asia. Its shape is often described as a roughly rectangular landmass, with a large northern coastline along the Arctic Ocean and a southern border that touches countries such as Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. The country also has several distinct geographic features, such as the Ural Mountains and the Siberian tundra.

What is a six sided shape look like?

A six sided shape could look like a Hexagon

What geometric shape does a heart look like?

The shape is like a oval.

What does a polygon shape look like?

how dose the caribbean shape like

What does an oblique shape look like?

It is a shape that is not regular.

What does shape shifting look like?

shape shifting is changing shape

What does the shape of Russia look like other than a shape?

It does not look like anything other than a "shape", unless you have a very active imagination.

What does an oval look like?

the oval shape is about the shape of an egg or how the eyes look in your face.