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A hexagon.

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Q: What shape do you get if you combine 2 squares and 2 triangles?
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What shape can you make with 2 squares and 2 triangles?

You can combine the 2 triangles for a square and then add the 2 other squares next to it, and you get a rectangle. :) And you're welcome

What shape can you create with two squares and two triangles?

A rectangle.. If you combine the triangles to make another square and then place all the squares in a row it makes a rectangle. you can also make a trapezium, if you place the 2 squares next to each other and then the triangles beside them...

What shape has 3 squares and 2 triangles?


What do you call the shape that has 3 squares and 2 triangles?

square based prism?

How do you compare and contrast an equilateral triangle and a square?

Differences: Squares have 4 sides / equilateral triangles have 3 sides. Squares have 90 degree angles / equilateral triangles have 60 degree angles. Squares have 2 diagonals / equilateral triangles have none Similarities: All sides of the shape are congruent All angles of the shape are congruent

What are shapes that can be divided into 2 equal parts called?

squares, circles, triangles, any real shape that has a line of symmetry...

What shape has 2 squares and 2 triangles?

A really big square that has no life. It just sits around playing World of Warcraft the whole day.

What is the ratio of squares to triangles?


What 2 dimensional shapes are used for a square?

A square is a 2 dimensional shape, but it can be divided into 2 or more triangles, or more smaller squares, or hexagons and triangles, or octagons and triangles, or really any rectilinear figure and triangles. If you mean what two dimensional shapes can compromise the surface of a cube, or rectangular prism, then you want squares. if you mean what 1 dimensional figures can make the perimeter of a square, then you want lines (straight lines).

How can you divide 2 squares with 3 triangles?

You can't.

What is the ratio of squares to triangles in a triangle?

There are 2 triangles in a square so the ratio to square and triangle is 2 to 1

What figure do you get when you combine 2 rhombus and 2 triangles?