What shape has 4 size?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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I assume you mean sides. All the following have 4 sides:

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Rhombus
  • Hexagon
  • Quadralateral
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Q: What shape has 4 size?
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How do you work out the size of a angle 4 sided shape?

with a protactor......

What is the difference between 4 cylinder and 8 cylinder radiator?

Size and shape.

Which state of matter has a definite size but no definite shape?

A liquid has a definite size but no definite shape. In contrast, a solid has definite size and shape, and a gas has no definite size or shape.

What are four perceptual constancies?

The 4 perceptual constancies are size, colour, brightness and shape! :)

What shape has 4 rectangles and two squres?

it depends on the size of side of the rectangular & square.

Does congruent mean having the same size and shape?

Yes, it does. A congruent shape has the same shape and size as another shape. A shape that is similar is the same shape, just a different size, like a proportion.

What is the error in shape size or distance?

error in shape,size,or distance

Does gas have a no definit size or shape?

Nope!! No definite shape or size!

What is the shape called with 4 lines joined like a quadrilateral and none the same size?


Can a shape be congruent if its the same shape but different in size?

No, that's called a similar shape, it has to be both same shape and size, Your Welcome.

What has size and shape but no weight?

number eight

What is the shape and size the gumamela leaves?

the size is big while the shape is normal