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with a protactor......

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Q: How do you work out the size of a angle 4 sided shape?
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Interior angle of and 18 sided shape?

To work out the interior angle use this formula(n - 2)*180/nwhere n is the number of sidesso for an 18 sided shape it would be(18-2)*180/18 = 160.

How do you work out the interior angles of a regular 6 sided shape?

Divide 360 by the number of sides, then subtract the quotient from 180 to get the angle in degrees.

How do get the size of exterior angle giving eight sides?

If we refer to your 8 sided shape as a regular octagon we can use the formula 360/n to work out the side of a single exterior angle. n refers to the number of sides. In this case the equation you would use would be 360/8 which in turn equals 45 degrees. So the size of a single exterior angle in a octagon is 45 degrees.

What is the total interior angle for a 979 sided shape?

The equation for the total interior angles of a polygon is (n-2)x180. In this case, the shape has 979 sides. Thus, to work out the total interior angles of the shape you do: (979-2)x180 =977x180 =175,860 Therefore the total interior angles for a 56 sided shape is 175,860.

How do you work out the size of an angle?

Measure it with a protractor. (If you needed a more mathematical answer with trigonomic functions, you need to state what data you know - i.e length of 2 sides, or length of one side and an angle, what the shape is etc... There is no general method to "how to work out the size of an angle" that works for all shapes.)

Ok so you have a four sided shape and iyou have 3 or the angles how do you work out the 4th angle HELP ME?

The interior angles of a four-sided object always at to 360 degrees. Therefore, if you know the other three angles, the solution to the fourth angle is: Angle4 = 360 - (Angle1 + Angle2 + Angle3) or... Angle4 = 360 - Angle1 - Angle2 - Angle3

Angle according to sides?

In any polygon, the sum of the angles is given by the formula:a = 180(n-2) where a = sum of angles and n = number of sides.In a regular polygon (a shape where each angle and side is the same size / length), you can therefore work out that each angle is the total of the angles in the shape divided by the number of sides or:a = 180(n-2)/n where a = size of the angle and n = number of sidesAlternatively, it is possible to work out the size of the angles by dividing 360 by the number of sides and subtracting from 180 or:a = 180 - 360/n (letters as before)This is because the external angles of a shape must equal 360 so the size of each is 360 divided by the number of sides. Therefore, the internal angle is 180 - the external angle.NB: all answers are in degrees

How do you work out an angle size in a triangle?

Measure it with a protractor.

How do you work out an angle using trigonometry?

The answer depends on what else you know about the shape.

How many angles has a 5 sided shape have?

The whole shape has 540 degrees in it. To work out the amount of degrees in any shape - total degrees in shape = ((180 x number of sides of shape) - 360)

What kinds of mirrors are used in amusement parks to distort the size and shape of your body How do you think they work?

Amusement parks use a variety of convex and conclave mirrors in Fun Houses. These mirrors distort the image because the angle of incidence is different from the angle of reflection.

What angle sum does work suggest for the quadrilateral?

The interior angles of any 4 sided quadrilateral add up to 360 degrees