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Q: What shape has a 12 line symmetry?
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What is the difference between line symmetry and line of symmetry?

A symmetrical shape is said to have line symmetry. A shape that has line symmetry can have one or more lines of symmetry

A shape that has at least one line of symmetry?

a shape with a line of symmetry

Can a shape have rotational symmetry and line symmetry?

Yes. Any equilateral shape can have both rotational and line symmetry.

What shape has a line of symmetry?

A triangle has symmetry.

How do you find the line of syMmetry?

The line of symmetry in a shape is found be looking at the sides of the shape. If you see that two sides look the same, try to draw a straight line through them. The line of symmetry acts like the dotted line in which you fold you paper. If you can fold the shape across the line of symmetry, and the shape is exactly the same on both sides then you have found A line of symmetry.

What shape has a line of symmetry and rotational symmetry?


Which shape line of symmetry but no rotational symmetry?

A semicircle.

What 2D shape has at least one line if symmetry?

The 2D shape which has one line of symmetry is the trapezium.

What does symmetry look like?

Symmetry is dividing a shape or figure in a certain way so that both sides are the same. Usually the line of symmetry, the line separating the shape, is a straight line.

What shape has at least 1 line of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle has one line of symmetry

What shape has atlas 1 line of symmetry?

An isosceles triangle has one line of symmetry

How many lines of symmetry?

There are infinitely many lines of symmetry. Every line can be a line of symmetry for a suitable shape.