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any cross section of a sphere is a circle.

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Q: What shape has any cross- sections are circles?
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What is a closed shape?

A closed shape is any shape that surrounds an area. This includes polygons (triangles etc.) circles, ovals and any irregular shape

Smallest number of corners of any shape?

0, since there are circles and ovals

What shapes don't have lines of symmetry?

Ovals; circles; any circular shape with no edges or corners

What is a set of parallel cross-sections are congruent rectangles?

That's a statement that can apply to any rectangular prism.

What is a figure eight?

A 'figure eight' is any shape that loosely, or closely, resembles the shape of 8 - in other words, two conjoined circles, or ovals.

What shapes cannot tesselate?

There are many shapes: circles, ellipses, ovals (elongated circles), cardioids, any shape with a "hole" in it such as a annulus.Polygons will tessellate if combined with other suitable polygons.

Do we need to use circles and rectangles in venn diagram?

No, the sets and subsets can be any shape, but circles and rectangles are neater. Also, circles or rectangles will usually intersect in only one part whereas very wriggly shapes can have multiple intersections.

What are shapes that can be divided into 2 equal parts called?

squares, circles, triangles, any real shape that has a line of symmetry...

Who is the worst mathematician?

Matthew Rupen. He spent three years of research to conclude that circles have the least sides of any visible shape.

An acr of a circle cut off by the diameter?

idk i hate math and find no need for circles or any type of shape for that fact

What is the size of the cross of the crucifixion?

The New Testament does not state the dimensions or the shape of the 'cross' used for the Crucifixion. Was it a 'T' or 't' shape? Was it just the top cross section to be nailed to a stationary pole or tree?? No one knows and any answer is pure speculation.

Why are manholes in circles and not in square or rectangle?

They can be any shape ! We have square and rectangular ones in my town (and there's at least a couple of triangular ones too !)

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