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Q: What shape is a quadriateral with only one set of perpendicular sides?
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What is a shape with 3 perpendicular sides?

A shape with three and only three sides is a triangle, but it is not possible for a triangle to have three perpendicular sides.

What shape has 4 sides and 2 perpendicular sides?

The question asks about four sides and 2 perpendicular sides. That makes 6 sides in all. So it is a hexagon with either only one right angle, or two sides that are mutually perpendicular.

What is the shape of one set of parallel sides and no perpendicular sides?

I think this person means the trapazoid. It has only one pair of parallel sides.

Does a square only has two perpendicular sides?

No, a square has four perpendicular sides.

Does a triangle have sides that are perpendicular?

No, not in general. Only a right triangle has two sides which are perpendicular.

Does a square have only 2 perpendicular?

No. Each of its four sides is perpendicular to two other sides.

A polygon with only 1 pair of perpendicular sides?

Any polygon can have only 1 pair of perpendicular sides.

Does a parallelogram have parallel and perpendicular sides?

By definition, a parallelogram two separate pairs has parallel sides. The only type of parallelogram that has perpendicular sides is a rectangle. All others have non-perpendicular sides.

What is perpendicular adjacent sides in the triangle?

The perpendicular adjacent sides in the triangle would be 3 sides. It is the basically horizonstal line next to a vertical line(perpendicular) if it was parallel adjacent then only two side of triangle /\ <-- parallel

What is a mathematical definition of right trapazoid?

It is a closed four-sided shape with one pair of parallel sides, joined at only one end by a line which is perpendicular to both.

What quadrilaterals have all adjacent sides are perpendicular?

Square & Rectangle are the only two. Rhombus (diamond) & parallelogram have adjacent sides, but no 90 degree angles (not perpendicular).

Is a consecutive sides of a square are perpendicular to each other?

Yes. Squares only contain 90 degree angles, so all sides are perpendicular to the adjacent sides and parallel to the opposite one.