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By definition, a parallelogram two separate pairs has parallel sides. The only type of parallelogram that has perpendicular sides is a rectangle. All others have non-perpendicular sides.

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Q: Does a parallelogram have parallel and perpendicular sides?
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Does a parallelogram have 2 perpendicular sides?

No. A parallelogram has two parallel sides.

Are the opposite sides of a parallelogram perpendicular or parallel?


Is a parallelogram parallel or perpendicular?

The opposite sides are parallel to each other

What shape has 2 setis of parallel sides and no perpendicular sides?


What quadrilaterals sides that are parallel to its opposite side and diagonals that are not perpendicular?

A parallelogram.

Does a paralleogram have to hava both parallel and perpendicular sides?

No. The only conditions to quality as a parallelogram is that it is a quadrilateral, and that opposite sides are parallel.

Which figure has both parallel and perpendicular sides an octagon parallelogram rhombus or a rectangle?

a rectange

Is parallelogram a perpendicular sides?

A parallelogram with perpendicular sides is called a rectangle.

Are diagonals of equal length in a parallelogram and rectangle?

the diagonal in a paralleogram is not equal but the diagonals in the rectangle are congruent this is because the opposite sides of a parallelogram and rectangle are same parallel to each other but the adjacent sides of a parallelogram is not perpendicular where as the adjacent sides of rectangle is perpendicular to each other.

Does a rhombus have parallel and perpendicular sides?

It has parallel sides, but not perpendicular.

What figures have 2 pairs of perpendicular sides?

you sure you don't mean parallelogram which has 2 pairs of parallel sides? This is too vague?

Does a rhombus have parallel sides?

Yes. A rhombus has parallel sides. All sides are also congruent, and the diagonals are perpendicular to each other. The rhombus is a special kind of parallelogram, so in addition to all the propeties of a parallelogram, it also has a few properties of its own.