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A dodecahedron is three-dimensional.

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Q: What shape is three dimenional a dodecagon or a dodecahedron?
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Is a 12 sided shape called a demicemile?

12-sided two dimensional shape: dodecagon12-sided three dimensional shape: dodecahedron

What is flat shape that can be folded up into a three dimenional solid?

The net of a 3D shape

What is a dodecahedron?

A dodecahedron is a polyhedron with 12 faces.A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional shape having twelve plane faces.

What is three dimesional shape with 12 faces?

a dodecahedron

What is a 3d shape with two pentagons?

A dodecahedron is a three-dimensional shape with 12 pentagonal sides.

What is a three dimenional shape is it one of these cylinder cube cone sphere?

All of those are 3-dimensional shapes.

If a three dimensional shape has twelve faces twenty edges and thirty vertices then what is the name of that shape?

then it's a - Dodecahedron

What three d shape has twelve sides?

A dodecahedron has 12 identical pentagonal faces.

Is a prism a polygon?

Nope. Prisms are three-dimenional and polygons are two-dimensional.

This 3d shape has 12 faces?

A dodecahedron. A dodecahedron is any polyhedron with twelve faces, but usually a regular dodecahedron is meant. It is a Platonic solid composed of twelve regular pentagonal faces, with three meeting at each vertex. It has twenty (20) vertexes and thirty (30) edges. The dodecahedron would be the Platonic solid with the largest volume if all were made with edges of the same length.

How many sides does a doedecahedren have?

A dodecahedron has twelve, pentagonal faces. They are called faces rather than sides due to the fact that it is a three dimensional figure rather than a two dimensional one. A twelve sided two dimensional figure would be a dodecagon.

How many faces at vertex of dodecahedron?

There are at least three faces at a vertex of a dodecahedron, and at most eleven.

What is a three dimensional pentagon called?


What shape faces on a dodecahedron?

A dodecahedron is a generic term which describes a 3-dimensional shape with 12 polygonal shapes. There are approx 6.4 million topologically different convex dodecahedra plus concave ones. There are at least three of these in which all faces are triangles. At the other extreme, it can be an endecagon (11-gon) based pyramid with 11 triangles. So a face can be any polygon with 3 to 11 sides.

What are three polygons?

Triangle, octagon, and my favorite, dodecagon.

How many faces does a dodecahedron have?

A dodecahedron has 12 regular pentagonal faces, 20 vertices, and 30 edges. Three faces meet at each vertex.

A 3d shape with 12 faces?

Three dimensional shapes with faces are called polygons. They are named using prefixes derived from Latin, so a 12 sided polygon is named a dodecagon, where dodeca- means twelve.

What is the mass of a solid dodecahedron composed of unrefined nickel three diameters to the side rounded to the nearest milligram?

It is not possible to have a dodecahedron whose sides are 3 times its diameter.

Why is the expression twelve times five divided by three used to find the verticies of a dodecahedron?

A dodecahedron has 12 faces. Each face is a pentagon (5 sides). Each vertex is formed where three faces meet.

Five words with more than three syllables?

hippopotomus, millenium, dodecahedron, euphonium, photosynthesis

What is a twelve sided shaped object?

If it's three dimensional, a 12 sided figure is a dodecahedron.

How many miles are in one cubic mile?

A cubic mile is a unit of volume (three-dimenional), while a mile is a unit of linear length (one-dimensional). The units measure different things entirely and cannot be correlated.

What is a verticess in geometry?

A vertice is the point on a three dimensional shape where three or more edges meet. Imagine a cube, the vertice would be more easily called the "corner". With more complex shapes, this different definition was needed, so from a pyramid to a dodecahedron, where three or more sides com together to make a "corner" it is known as a vertice. This is especially important when you consider that shapes are defined by their number of sides and their number of vertices.

What is a three dimensional shape?

A three dimensional shape is a shape that exists in three dimensions. This means that the shape has height, width, and depth.

What words have the first three letters dod?

Dodge, Dodo, dodad, dodder, doddering, dodec, dodecagon, dodecanoic, dodass...