What is three dimesional shape?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A three dimensional shape is where you have height, width, and length where as in a two dimensional shape you only have height and length

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Q: What is three dimesional shape?
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What is three dimesional shape with 12 faces?

a dodecahedron

What is a word for three dimesional bodies or figures?

In mathematics, they are usually refered to as Solids.

What is a 2 dimensional shape that can be folded to form a 3 dimesional shape?

Any 2-dimensional shape can be folded to form a 3-d shape. For example, any work of origami.

How are two and three dimensional figures related?

Because they are dimesional figures either way!

What are one-dimesional figures?

It is a line.

What is the amount of space inside a three dimesional figure?

It depends. Different objects require different formulas. For a basic cube, it is width times length times height

What is does two dimesional mean?

Two Dimensional means that there are two dimensions.

What is the name of a shape with three sides?

A two-dimensional shape with three sides is a triangle. A three-dimensional shape with three faces is a cylinder.

How do you understand other dimensions apart from the usual 3 dimensions you see?

like you can draw a three dimesional repesentation of a cube on a shhet of paper so we can "draw" a three dimesional representaion of the fourth dimension .It would be a cube inside a cube with all of the corners joined by a line from exteranl surface of the inner cube to the inner corner of the external cube. This in affect is a shadow of the fourth dimesion. See "Flatland" for explaination of how 2D would try to describe 3D..

What shape has 2D shape and three-sided shape?

a triangle

What do you do you call a shape with three sides in maths?

Triangle is a shape with three sides.

Which has more vertices a shape with 4sides or a shape with 3 sides?

A shape with four sides has four vertices and a shape with three sides has three vertices, so a shape with four sides has more vertices than a shape with three sides.