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Q: What shapes are equal lengths got equal sides and have 4 right angles in 2d?
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What shape has 4 equal right angles?

All right angles will be equal as they are all 90O. Shapes that have 4 right angles will be rectangles (which include squares).

What shapes have 2 equal angles?

a right angled triangle.

What is a quadriateral with opposite sides equal lengths and four right angles?

A rectangle.

What is the number of side lengths for a rumbus?

A rhombus has 4 equal sides but no right angles

What shape has 4 right angles 2 pairs of equal angles and only 2 right angles?

That's three different shapes: a rectangle, a rhombus and a trapezoid respectively.

Need help can a rhombus be congruent?

The lengths of the 4 sides of a rhombus are equal but a rhombus has no right angles

Has every four sided shape have right angles in?

No. For example a parallelogram does not have any right angles. The internal angles of all four sided shapes will always equal 360 degrees, but do not necessarily have to include right angles.

Make a right angled isosceles triangle This is a triangle with a right angle and two equal anles that are not right angles What is the size of these non right angles?

45 degrees. they have to be the same angle, because they are opposite equal lengths, and when added together they must equal 90, so as to make the total of the angles 180.

Are polygons with all right angles sometimes squares?

Yes, those polygons which have angles of 90 degrees and equal side lengths are called squares; those with uneven side lengths are called rectangles.

Which shapes above hashave angles that are right angles?

wich shaps have right angles

Are all triangles equilateral?

No.Equilateral triangles must have equal angles (all 60 degrees) and equal length sides; there are also:Isosceles triangles which have two equal angles and two equal sides;Scalene triangles which have all three sides, and hence all three angles, of different lengths;Right angled triangles (which can have all sides of different lengths, or two sides of equal length) have (as the name suggests) one right angle. This means Pythagoras and the trigonometric ratios can be used on its side lengths.

What is a quadrilateral with four right angles but with sides of unequal lengths?

a rectangle (that is NOT a square) has 4 right angles and consecutive sides of unequal lengths.