What shapes are in a tetrahedron?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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There are points (vertices) lines (edges) and polygons (faces).

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Q: What shapes are in a tetrahedron?
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What shapes does a tetrahedron have?

A tetrahedron is a four sided polyhedron. Each face is a triangle. If it is a regular tetrahedron, then each face is an equilateral triangle.

A shape with 4 faces except for tetrahedron?

There are no other shapes that have only four flat faces except for a tetrahedron, although the faces thatmake up the tetrahedron can be triangles of various shapes and need not be all identical.

What are Shapes of 4 congruent triangles?

Isosceles Tetrahedron.

What shapes do you need to make tetrahedron?

Four triangular faces.

List a few 3-d shapes?

Sphere, cuboid, tetrahedron.

What is the formula of the tetrahedron?

There can be no formula for a tetrahedron since you have not specified what aspect the formula is supposed to calculate. Furthermore, although they are all triangular pyramids, tetrahedra can be tall, needle-like shapes or almost flat shapes.

What shapes have 4 vertices?

In 2 dimensions, a quadrilateral. In 3 dimensions, a tetrahedron.

How many 3d shapes have 4 faces?

Just one: a tetrahedron or triangular pyramid.

What 3D shapes have equilateral triangle faces?

A tetrahedron (4 faces) and an icosahedron (20).

Name the shapes with 5 sides?

Pentagon (and in 3d: triangular prism and tetrahedron.)

What shapes make a tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron is the smallest possible polyhedron: a closed 3-d shape with polygonal faces. It has 4 triangular faces, 4 vertices and 6 edges.

A shape that has triangular faces?

There are many possible shapes. The regular ones amongst them are the tetrahedron, the octahedron and the icosahedron.