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Shapes having less than 4 sides or more than 4 sides are not parallelograms

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Q: What shapes are not parallelograms?
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Related questions

Are All 4-sided shapes are parallelograms?

No because all 4 sided shapes are quadrilaterals which includes parallelograms

What kind of shapes are parallelograms?


Which shapes have 2 different pairs of equal sides?

parallelograms, and rectangles (parallelograms)

Which shapes are special parallelograms?

A square and a rhombus are two special forms of parallelograms.

Are all 4 sided shapes parallelograms?


What shapes are consecutive angles are supplementary?


What shapes are consecutive angles supplementary?


Name all the shapes that are parallelograms?

A rectangle, square, rhombus, and rhomboid are all parallelograms.

What shapes are always parallelograms?

parallelograms, rectangles, rhombus, square

What shapes are also parallelograms?

squares, rectangles, rhombuses

Are all parallelograms quadrilterals?

Yes all parallelograms belong to the 4 sided shapes known as quadrilaterals

What are the parralelagram shapes?

Parallelograms are 4 sided shapes that belong to the class of polygons known as quadrilaterals

Are all four sided shapes parallelograms?

No but they are all quadrilaterals

Is a triangle a parellelogram?

No, parallelograms are specific to quadrilaterals (shapes with 4 sides).

What shapes have two sides that appear to be equal in length?


When can quadrilaterals be parallelogram?

All four sided shapes are quadrilaterals which includes parallelograms.

What type of solids have two bases and lateral faces in the shapes of parallelograms?


Are all 4 sided shapes parallelagrams?

No because all 4 sided shapes are called quadrilaterals which includes parallelograms

What are the shapes that have at least one pair of parallel lines?

All i know is a Trapezium parallelograms

Shape with no symmetry?

Some shapes that fit that condition are parallelograms, scalene triangles, and trapezoids.

What are some parallel shapes?

Squares, parallelograms, rectangles, and rhombus are some. Zaragotha (Zara)

What shapes are quadrilaterals but not parallelograms?

a square is not a parallelogram the dude who said is a retard. squares are parallelograms becuz parallelograms has to hve 2 sets of parallel lines, no more, no less. a square has 2 sets of parallel lines.

Can All quadrilaterals can be classified as either parallelograms or trapezoids?

No because all quadrilaterals are 4 sided shapes which includes parallelograms, trapezoids, squares, rectangles, kites......etc

What is a shape that isn't a parallelogram or trapezoid?

Answer: A circle Answer: There are lots of shapes other than parallelograms and trapezoids.

Do the rectangular parallelogram both have the same area explain why or why not?

No. A rectangle and a parallelograms are desciptions of quadrilateral shapes. There is no indication of the size of either. So some rectangles are smaller than some parallelograms and some parallelograms are smaller than some rectangles.