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Parallelograms are squares is sometimes true.

Squares are parallelograms is always true.

Rhomboids are parallelograms is also always true.

So not all parallelograms are squares but some are.

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Q: Parallelograms are squares is that sometimes always or never true?
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Are parallelograms always sometimes or never squares?

Sometimes they are.

Will a parallelogram always sometimes or never be a square?

Some parallelograms are squares - the ones which are equiangular (have equal angles) and are equilateral (have equal side lengths). All squares are parallelograms, but only some parallelograms are squares.

All parallelograms are rectangles Always, Sometimes, or Never?


Are all parallelograms a quadrilaterals always sometimes or never?

-- A parallelogram is always a quadrilateral. -- A quadrilateral is sometimes a parallelogram.

Rectangles are always sometimes or never squares?


The statement two parallelograms are similar is always never or sometimes true?

It is sometimes true that two parallelograms are similar. The could be congruent, or dissimilar in that one is not an enlargement of the other.

Is two squares always sometimes or never similar?


Are two parallelograms always similar?

Sometimes * * * * * Never. A parallelogram has two pairs of equal angles opposite one another. A trapezoid does not.

Are all parallelograms are trapeziods?

No. Parallelograms are never trapezoids. Trapezoids are never parallelograms.

Is a square always sometimes or never a quadrilateral?

A quadrilateral always has four sides.A square always has four sides→ a square is always a quadrilateral.A quadrilateral's only distinguishing feature is a shape with four sides.A square has four sides, but also those four sides must all be the same length and all the angles are the same, at 90o.So squares are always quadrilaterals, but quadrilaterals are only sometimes squares.

Are parallelograms never rectangles?


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