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Move the decimal point two places to the left. It is the same as dividing by 100.

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Q: What shortcut can be used to change a percent to a decimal and why?
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How do fractions help you tell percents?

Because when you change a fraction into a decimal and change the decimal into a percent it all adds up... Let me explain... 1/2 is a fraction The decimal of 1/2 is 0.5 Move the decimal point 2 places to the right and you get the percent of 0.5 which is 50%. Fractions and decimals are the same, they're just used in different forms.

What is used to name a part of a whole?

A fraction or decimal or percent

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Chemical symbols and formulas are used in chemical reactions as a shortcut to represent the elements and compounds involved. They provide a concise way to convey the reactants, products, and stoichiometry of a reaction without having to write out the full names of the substances. This shorthand notation helps chemists communicate and understand reactions more efficiently.

What is 132 percent percent as a percent?

The term percent is not properly used recursively. It means "per 100" and less than 1 percent amounts are correctly expressed as decimal percentages. But using "percent" as "per 100" , it would be 132/100% or 1.32%

What are the advantages of hexa decimal number system?

Computers do much of their processing in binary. Hexadecimal is used as a kind of shortcut (easier to read for humans): each hexadecimal digit represents four binary digits.

What is percent of change?

Percent change is the percent amount some value has changed. It has phenomenal usage in every day math and in fields such as business. It's often used to calculate the percent difference in sales between years for business.

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What percent of 50 is 7.5?

37.5 To solve all you have to do is take the percent and change it to a decimal (move the decimal point to the left twice [don't use the percent sign anymore]) Then you multiply the decimal that used to be the percent by the number you have. Also this one is easy because all you have to do is divide by two since 50% is 1/2. Hope this helped! :-) I belive that the answer to the question is 75/50, which is 150%. 75 is 150% of 50

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