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Computers do much of their processing in binary. Hexadecimal is used as a kind of shortcut (easier to read for humans): each hexadecimal digit represents four binary digits.

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Q: What are the advantages of hexa decimal number system?
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Convert decimal number 12 into hexa decimal number?

It is C

How do you convert the octel number 6578.345 to hexa decimal?

That can't be an octal number; it has an 8 in it.

Which number comes immediately after hexa decimal number FFEF?

0xFFEF + 1 = 0xFFF0.

What does the prefix hexa and octa mean?

6 and 8, but: Hexa as in Hexa-Decimal mean 16 number system. ie: 0123456789ABCDEF : 16 digits. 10 decimal + 6 hexa. Octa as in a numbersystem mean 8 number system. ie: 01234567 : 8 digits. A Hexagon is a polygon with 6 sides. An Octagon has got 8 sides. Examples of numbers in these number systems: 10, 12, 14 =Decimal A, C, E = HexaDecimal 12, 14, 16 = OctaDecimal All representing the same number just in different systems. Additional information: We use the Decimal number system because it is by far the easiest to do calculations with. It has become a world wide standard. We use HexaDecimal and Binary in computers. Octa as in a number system has got no widespread uses as to my knowledge. It might be used in various coding schemes to make information less obviously visible.

What is the hexa-decimal value of 159?

(159)decimal = (9F)HEX

Why you convert binary number system to hexadecimal number system?

The hexadecimal system is a base 16 system, just as binary is base 2 and decimal is base 10. The same way that a binary system is more practical for hardware and software implications, hexadecimal is great for easy viewing of binary numbers. It's a lot easier, in the opinion of most, to look at 1FE4 than it is to get the same information as quickly from 0001111111100100. Hexadecimal numbers can also be easily converted to the seven segment display commonly used on electric signs and scoreboards to display numbers and some letters.

F0e f0f complete the squence of hexa decimal numbers?

If you continue adding one more, the next number is F10. (F means 15, and that is the largest number that fits into a single digit.)

What is the binary equivalent of hexa number ABCD?

It is 1010101111001101.

What does the hexa number E78 in radix 7?


If computer use Binary number so why you use binary to hexa decimal or binary to octal?

You don't use binary because it's very hard reading a bunch of zeros and ones. You use hexa because each hexa digit corresponds to 4 bits, this makes it very easy to convert from hexa do binary and vice versa. For a similar reason you use octal because each digit corresponds to 3 binary digits. Example: 0101 10102 Has 8 binary digits so it will be 2 hexa digits: 01012 = 516 , 10102 = A16 So the full number will be: 0101 10102 = 5A16 This works for hexa and octal because 16 and 8 are powers of 2, it would also work for 4, 32, 64 or any other ower of 2 . Since 10 for decimal notation is not a power of 2 converting from binary is not so direct.

Give the ASCII representation for the numeral 24.6391 in hexa decimal?

24.6391 is represented in IEEE real*4 (32-bit real number) as: 0x41c51ce0 (big-endian) 0xe01cc541 (little-endian)

What is the binary equivalent hexa number of AB5D base 16?

The binary equivalent would be... 1010101101011101 - There is a multi-functional calculator built-in to Windows which can covert numbers between Hex, Decimal, Octal and Binary.