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1/4 inch per foot.

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Q: What should 3 inch drain pipe drop per inch?
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What should 6 inch drain pipe drop per inch?

1/8" per foot.

How much drop is too much in a drain pipe?

Over vertical should be avoided.

How much slope required in toilet drain pipe?

1/8 to 1/4 inch drop per foot of length.

Is there a required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain?

The required minimum pipe size for a shower tub drain is 1 inch.

How much drop required for a drain pipe?

4 feet

You are working with a 3 inch PVC drain pipe and a 3 inch PVC flange and there is too much play as you insert the flange into the drain pipe?

Probably the wrong size flange. Is the flange a toilet collar? If so the pipe is probably 4 inch.

What the equivalent fraction for a 1 percent grade on a drain?

1% = 1/100 means 1 inch drop over 100 inches of drain pipe that is slightly more than 8 feet 1 in drop over 8 ft 4 in

4 inch drain pipe water flow in gpm?


How far from the wall does a toilet drain go in the floor?

12-13 inches to the center of the drain.... make sure your drain pipe is 1/4 inch drop per foot. also use the sweeping y drain if possible. leave lots of room for the flange. mount the toilet after the floor is in.

What size of drain do you need if you tie 2 bathroom sinks into 1 drain line?

a 3 inch pipe

Can a drain pipe have too much drop?

Depending on the type of drain pipe referred to, "Yes", it can have too much drop or "fall". Specifically sewer drains, as too much drop allows the liquids to leave the solid material behind, causing a blockage. The water outruns the solids.

How do you replace the trap in the drain?

You just replace it. How depends on what type of pipe. Metal pipe, the trap is usually held on with nuts that connect the trap to the sink and the main pipe. On PVC or plastic, it may be glued in place. Rarely is all the drain glued. The piece going up to the sink should have a slip joint right above the trap with a nut. There should be enough of this tube in the trap to allow you to cut the trap out and glue in another one. Cut the trap off the drain line as close to the trap as possible. The drain should be straight at this point. Glue a new one in and reconnect to the sink. The trap will drop down 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, but there should still be enough pipe to connect. If there is not, an extension is available. Without seeing it, there is no way to give more specific directions.

Is it possible to cut or clear out tree roots out of a 2 inch drain pipe?


What would make your two-inch drain pipe overflow when your washing machine drains?

your drain has a restriction in line and needs to be snaked

Is there a required minimum pipe size for a shower-tub drain?

1-1/2 inch drain for above grade and 2 inch drain for below grade. Most UPC-based codes (IAPMO) require 2 inch above and below grade.

What side of the toilet drain should the vent be on up stream or down?

downstream of a closet bend within 8 ft for three inch pipe and 10 feet for 4 in pipe at least half the size of the drain... unless it is stack vented then it would be full size of the stack right

Will inch and a half pipe have enough run off for a shower drain?

Absolutely NOT you 2" minimum

What does the plumbing term airbreak mean?

It is a break between the end of a pipe and the point water can ' pool' , so the pipe can not siphon water up. - Most common place you should see this is the vent pipe on Hot water tank. It should end 1/2 inch above the pan or water drain.

What is the minimum fall for a domestic drain pipe?

Depends on the size of the pipe and your local code-But 1/4 inch fall per foot will accomdate every size pipe in every code.

What is the right connection fitting for a 2 inch PVC shower drain and trap to a 2 inch copper drain pipe?

A fernco or rubber fitting. This made of rubber and had hose clamps on it. You should ask for assistance at a hardware or plumbing shop for a 2" Plastic X 2" Copper Fernco or rubber coupling.

What size PVC pipe do you use for the main drain line out of your house to the street?

Most of the time it is 4 inch.

How far should the drain pipe come out of the wall for a bathroom vanity?

The pipe out of the wall usually only sticks out a couple of inches. You add what is needed to the sink drain.

What would cause the old 4-inch drain pipe to overflow when the washer drains after installing a new washing machine and how can you fix it?

Partial blockage. Snake the drain.

What is the invert level of a drain pipe?

the invert level is simply the inside bottom of the pipe. and a drain pipe naturally should never be level. It should have a minimum of 1/8" fall per foot and is always best to have at least 1/4" per foot

What tools can repair a drain pipe that is flooding?

The drain pipe in my basement is flooding. What are some drain pipe repair tools that will remedy this situation?