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Q: What should be around number used to a number list in a paragraph?
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What should be applied around number used to number a list in paragraph?


What should be applied around numbers to number a list in a paragraph?


What should be applied around numbers used to number a list in a paragraph?


What should be applied around numbers used in a number list in a paragraph?


List several things that every good paragraph should contain?

A good paragraph should have one main thesis sentence. All sentences should pertain to that one thought. All sentences should be complete. The paragraph should convey one main point.

Microsoft Word 2007 keyboard shortcut that returns all paragraph formatting back to normal?

<Ctrl>+<Spacebar> only resets the font characteristics within the paragraph. It does not change any paragraph characteristics you may have set by hand (such as via the Home tab ribbon), such as alignment, bullets/numbering, borders, or indents. To revert to the paragraph style characteristics, you have to click the paragraph style name again, and even then things might not be exactly right. For example, if you were in a numbered list, and you click the numbered list style again, the paragraph you are resetting may turn into a list of its own (and have its own number and space before or after it). To fix, highlight the entire list and click the style for that list. Although I cannot at the moment reproduce it, sometimes when I am trying to reset the paragraph style (per above), Word asks me if I want to save to a new Quick Style. Just say no!

What are Instruction Formats?

List,diagram,paragraph,if-then table

Which should come first - conclusion or bibliography?

A conclusion. It is attached to the essay itself as the final paragraph. The bibliography is a list of the sources you used in your paper.

How do you put character traits of an ideal American to a paragraph?

You're making this a lot harder than it should be. Just list all of the traits you feel make up an ideal American citizen. Put the list into a bunch of complete sentences and you have your paragraph. If you get started, you'll be finished before you know it.

The Increase List Level button is found in which group?


Paragraph development by exemplification?

Paragraph development by exemplification mainly relies on various examples. A writer will develop a general statement in the topic and list specific examples in the paragraph.

What is the total number of registered FIIs in India till 2008?

Please visit : to find out the list of FIIs registered with SEBI. The total number should be around 1540.