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Q: What should you do when your father ask you to carry out a certain task?
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Why is it frightening to finish a task?

It isn't in most cases. Certain tasks may have certain dangers associated with them but finishing a particular task should hold no fear.

What is a separate window that enables users to carry out some Word tasks more efficiently?

The task pane is a separate window that lets you efficiently carry out some Word tasks. The task pane also lets you carry out Publisher tasks.

What are the main activities that the manager should carry out?

planout before taking any step, then motivated others on that particulars task

What is the definition of individual skills?

The definition of individual skills is the ability and capacity to learn a certain task. This helps you carry out complex activities with deliberation and a systematic method or ability.

What description matches the alternative exercise principles of specificity?

Targeted exercise should improve the performance of a certain task. Repetition of specific exercises will help improve the given task.

Carry out simple first aid tasks?

Carry our simple first aid task

Define world mission?

assigned task: a special task given to a person or group to carry out

What is dumbledor and snape talking about by the bell in Harry potter 6?

I suppose you refer to the movie, where Snape doesn't want to carry out a certain task that Dumbledore asked him to do - and that Snape had already agreed to do. The task - as is clarified in book 7 - was for Snape to kill Dumbledore.

Who is one sent by god?

1) I AM 2) He who does God's will 3) Not you or else you wouldn't have had to ask

What is a scheduled task utility?

you can schedule certain task to be performed in certain unit of time for example e.g computer to reboot every day at 11 AM

What is a separate window to carry out tasks efficiently?

Task Pane

What does a computer memory enable us to do?

carry out a specific task