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Q: What should you use to weigh a bar of butter grams or kilograms?
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How many kilograms does a puppy weigh?

A puppy should weigh 454-1,360 grams.

How do you weigh a dinosaur grams or kilograms?


Is grams heavier then kilograms?

kilograms weigh more than grams.

Is an apple is grams or kilograms?

You would weigh an apple in grams, not kilograms.

Would you weigh a pumpkin in kilograms or grams?

It is much more reasonable to weigh a pumpkin in kilograms, rather than grams.

How much does a tub of butter weigh?

a butter usually weigh 5kg

How do you weigh a watch kilograms or grams?


Can you weigh a bird in grams and kilograms?


Should grams or kilograms be used to weigh a bicycle?

Kilograms with one decimal is the most common format.

What would you use to weigh an hamburger kilograms or grams?

grams, kilograms are massive.

Would you weigh a person in grams or kilograms?


Would you weigh a wheelbarrow in grams or kilograms?


Would you weigh a laptop in grams or kilograms?

In kilograms

What would you weigh a elephant in grams or kilograms?

I think it is kilograms

What does 1.3 kilograms weigh in grams?

1300 grams

Would a bike weigh 10 grams or 10 kilograms?

10 kilograms

Do you weigh potatoes in grams or kilograms?

Individual potatoes in grams. Sack of potatoes in kilograms.

Would a box of cereal weigh 350 grams or in kilograms?


Does a guitar weigh kilograms or grams?

The weight of a guitar could be determined in either kilograms or grams, but preferably in kilograms.

Would you weigh a baseball bat in grams or kilograms?

You would weigh a baseball bat in kilograms.

Does a cat weigh 6 grams or 6 kilograms?

1 kilogram is 1,000 grams so its kilograms

How many grams or kilograms does a watermelon weigh?

3 grams

Does a can of soup weigh in kilograms or grams?

According to this can of Healthy choice I am holding, it measures the can in ounces and in grams. A kilograms is 1,000 (one thousand) grams. A can of soup is not likely to weigh that much.

A racing bike can weigh 8.25 kilograms how many grams is that?


Is a book grams or kilograms?

This depends on how big the book is. A small book could weigh grams and a big book could weigh kilograms