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the larger (3/8) line coming to the tbi is the supply the smaller (5/16) line is the return

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Q: What side on the tbi does the fuel goes in and what side is the return?
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What color wire comes from fuel sending unit Chevy 305 tbi?

A tan/white wire goes from the sending unit to the fuel gauge typically on a (example) 1985 Chevrolet Silverado 305 tbi.

Which fuel line is the inlet on 94 gmc with tbi?

back by the distributor there is the fuel lines side by side... you will see the line with the pressure valve screw on cap... that is the feed line

Where is the fuel pump relay on 1986 Chevy El Camino 4.3 tbi?

The fuel pump relay on 1986 Chevy Elcamino 4.3 TBI is in the Fuel Injection Tank.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1986 Camaro?

depends if its fuel injected or carburated. tbi under drivers side door, carb urated should be right by carb

What is a Chevy tbi?

tbi is Chevy's abbreviation for Throttle Body Injection. In this type of fuel injection system fuel is squirted into the throttle body above the manifold.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator 1996 GMC Jimmy 4.3 tbi?

The fuel pressure regulator in that 96 GMC 4.3 TBI is located in the throttle body.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 1987 Chevy silverado?

AnswerIn the fuel tank Actually the fuel pump is only in the tank on the tbi models, if it is carborated then it is on the front of the engine on the bottom right side(facing the block)

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1987 Chrysler lebaron?

Usually located on frame rail driver's side, follow fuel lines if its FI or TBI its always in the gas tank.

What are the relays underhood near driver's side firewall on a 91 rs camaro 5.0 305 tbi?


Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1983 Crown Vic 5.0 with TBI?

fuse link wire on 1983 crown Victoria that goes to fuel pump was getting hot with ignition switch off?

Is a 1987 305 TBI?

Yes it is a fuel injected engine.

Where are the fuel injectors on a 1997 dodge ram?

your fuel injectors are mounted on each side of the intake manifold....if V-6,youll have 3 on each side, if V-8, youll have 4 on each side. Unless it is "TBI" Throttle Body Injected...then the above does not apply.

Does a 350 tbi have a carbureator?

No, TBI stands for Throttle Body Injection. It is similar to a carb, but uses a different method to dispense fuel.

What is the tube running into the valve cover on the drivers side of an 88 305 TBI?

The tube allows venting of the crank case. This goes to a small spacer between the TBI and the air cleaner. Any residuals are burned off during combustion.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic?

If it is a -TBI- then the pump is mounted in the gas tank, but if it has a -4bbl- then it should be mounted on the engine block passenger side.

Where is the fuel filter on a 1988 Dodge Aries?

On the 1988 Dodge Aries 2.2 liter TBI 4-cylinder, the fuel filter is mounted on the frame in the fuel line. Look under the vehicle below the trunk area on the passenger side. It is next to the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1996 Chevrolet 1500 truck?

do you have TBI ?

1990 Camaro fuel pressure?

TBI or TPI? 305 or 350?

What is fuel pressure for a 1995 454 tbi?

9 to 13 LBS.

Does 1995 Chevy Silverado have fuel injection?

Yes it does. It has TBI / Throttle body injection, Fuel system.

Where is the fuel pump regulator in a Camaro?

On the fuel rail on TPI, LT1 and on the throttle body if it's TBI.

Does a 1992 GMC sierra 1500 5.7 liter truck have fuel injection?

yes, yes it does no, its the crappy tbi systems. tbi stands for THROTTLE BODY INJECTION! it has fuel injectors and has to be treated as such. it is not carbureted.

90 camaro RS 350 tbi swap-need to switch to IROC 350 tpi fuel pump or stick with RS 305 tbi fuel pump?

Its not a good idea cause this will have more pressure., the tbi its a low pressure compare to the iroc -z tpi

Where is the fuel pump relay 87 gm truck tbi?

Fuel pump relay is located under the hood on passenger side bolted to the firewall a few inches below the windshield. It is black and has wires going into it.

What would be the main reason for no fuel injection on a 1987 cutlass ciera TBI carburetor?

There is no such thing as a TBI carburetor - it's either one or the other. TBI stands for Throttle Body Injection. It may look like a carburetor but there is an injected mounted inside the body. If you have no fuel it may be a bad fuel pump, blown fuel pump fuse of bad fuel pump relay. The filter may even be clogged.