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12/3 awg mc/bx

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Q: What size wire is needed to wire outlets in a garage?
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How many outlets can you have on a 230V circuit?

Depends on what the outlets are controlling, size of the wire, and size of the breaker.

Should you use 14-2 or 12-2 for garage outlets and lights in Richfield mn?

The only determining factor is the size of the circuit breaker that you will be using. If the garage circuit will be protected with a 15 Amp breaker, you may use a 14 AWG wire. If the circuit will be protected with a 20 amp breaker, you must use a 12 AWG wire. Note too that garage outlets should be protected with a GFCI breaker or outlet. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to adequately design and install the garage outlets, please, for your own safety, contact a local electrician.

What size wire is needed to run a 125amp subpanel copper wire?

the size of wire is

What size wire is needed for carrying 100 amps under ground?

To calculate the wire size, a system voltage is needed.

What size amp circuit breaker should be used for garage?

For the 120 volt outlets on the wall use a 20 amp breaker wired with AWG #12 wire. The circuit must be GFCI protected. Any 240 volt outlets must be wired according to what they will be powering.

What size wire should be used from main panel to 50 watt subpanel?

#6 wire is needed. If placing the subpanel in a garage at a good distance, it is recommended to also install a seperate ground rod .

Do you need a disconnect for feeding a detatched garage?

Yes you do. The detached garage will either be fed with a single circuit or a sub panel. The wire feeding the garage will need to be protected and that is the purpose of the breaker (disconnect). The breaker size will be determined by the size of the wire that is used on this circuit.

What size of wire use if you have 6 outlet with 30 amp breaker?

It is unusual to have multiple outlets on a 30 Amp service. If you do this you need outlets rated at 30 amps and 10 AWG wire.

What size wire for 220 air conditioner heater?

To size a wire for a device the amperage of the device is needed.

What are the electrical codes covering - wiring a new garage?

Depends on what you are asking about. I can tell you that all garage outlets must be protected by a GFCI circuit. You can install as many or as little as you want as long as there is at least 1 outlet on each wall. Any freezer or refrigerator must be on a dedicated circuit. There must be a light switch by the doorway mounted 48" to the top of the switch box. If you have 2 entrances into the garage then install a 3 way light switch so the lights can be turned on/off at both locations. Outlets cannot me mounted higher than 48" above the floor. I would install the outlets on 1 circuit and the lights on another circuit unless you only have a couple of lights. Use AWG #12 wire for the garage protected by a 20 amp breaker. If the garage is detached from the house then you need a disconnect in the garage. Any 240 volt outlet must be on a dedicated circuit protected by the proper breaker and correct size wire needed for the device.

What size copper wire is needed for 150amp service?

Size 1

How many 15 amp outlets on 120 volt circuit?

Depends on the size wire used in the circuit. If you wired the circuit with AWG #12 wire on a 20 amp breaker then you can install no more than 12 outlets. If you wired it with AWG #14 wire on a 15 amp breaker then install no more than 9 outlets. This is assuming only outlets are on the circuit and nothing else.

What size ground wire is needed for a 60 amp?

#8 copper wire.

What size wire is needed for a 60 amp breaker?

AWG # 6 wire.

Need to know wire size for amps at foot run to garage?

Wire is sized by the amperage that it is allowed to legally carry. To answer this question the amperage that you need at the garage must be stated. Also the distance to the garage must be stated. With this information the calculation can be made.

What wire size is needed for 15 volt circuit?

The wire size depends on how much current it will conduct.

What wire size is needed to 150 amp panel?

3/0 for copper wire

What size copper wire should be used for 80 Amps 240 volts?

The length of wire needed will dictate wire size as much as amps and volts.

In a new house with only the standard outlets in the garage on a 20 amp breaker what is the biggest breaker you can put on the circuit?

Could you clarify the question please. You can't just upgrade the breaker. Its calculated on wire size and other things. You'll have to run different wire if you want to up your amps.

What size wire is needed for a 180' run?

To answer this question the voltage and load amperage is needed.

How many neutral wires are needed for lighting and outlets?

If they are on the same circuit you only need 1 neutral wire in the circuit.

What is the wire size needed to feed a 400 amp service?

600 MCM THW wire

What wire size is needed for 240v 30 amp load for 200 feet?

#10 wire.

What size wire is needed to carry 100 amps 100 feet?

#6 wire stranded

What size ground wire is needed for 20 amp?

A #14 wire will do fine for grounding a 20 amp device. That is the size of the ground wire in a 2 conductor # 12 wire building cable.