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A pyramid. The square being the base and the triangles the 'sides' - each having a side connected to a side of the square - the other sides connected to 'neighbor-triangles'.

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Q: What solid figures can you make with four isosceles triangles and one square?
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What two solid figures have four faces that are triangles?

square base pyramid and a triangular base pyramid

What is the name of the geometric solid with four faces that are congruent triangles?

Isosceles TetrahedronA solid with four faces is a tetrahedron. Each of the faces is a triangle. If all the triangles are congruent, you have an isosceles tetrahedron.

Which which solid figure that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles Solid figures that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles?

What figure has 6 flat surfaces that all look exactly the same

What solid figure has 1 square and 4 triangles?

A square pyramid.

What are the special features of a square based pyramid?

It has a four sided square base and four other triangular sides reaching up to an apex. It is a pentahedron. If the four triangles are equilateral, it is known as a Johnson solid, and six of the pyramids will fit together to make an exact cube. If the four triangles are not equilateral, then they are isosceles.

What solid geometric figures contain triangles?

3 dimensional figures with triangular sides? Prisms and Pyramids 2 dimensional figures that can be divided into traingles? Any n-gon with n > 3 can be divided into n-2 triangles.

What solid has 4 faces that are triangles and 1 face that is a square?

A square-based pyramid

What solid figure can you make with a square and 4 congruent triangles?

You can make square pyramid.

Simone has a regular 5- sided shape ans 5 congruent acute isosceles triangles what solid figure can she construct?


What is the name of a solid shape constructed from triangles on a square base?


What are faces on solid figures?

Faces on solid figures are like when you look at a square you see a flat wall type surface.

What is the name of the solid shape made up of four equilateral triangles?