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If restricted to plane faces, a rectangular pyramid or a triangular prism. With curved faces such shapes will usually not have names.

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Q: What solid figures have just five faces?
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What solid figures have just six faces?

cube rectangular prism anything with 8 vertices on the 3d plane

What are rectilinear figures?

Rectilinear figures are figures that are produced using just line segments. All of the polygons are rectilinear figures and many 3-dimensional solid shapes are as well.

What 2 solid figures have 10 faces in all?

There are many such shapes, not just two. Here are some:A nonagonal pyramidAn octagonal prismA square anti-prism (two square faces, with triangles between them)A decahedronA pentagonal bipyramid (two pentagonal pyramids stuck together at their pentagonal faces).Each one is known as a decahedron (plural decahedra).

Does a cylinder have two circles as faces and can roll?

Yes. The cylinder is a solid (solid object), and it has two faces that are circles, and will roll - just as described in the question. Use the link below to see a diagram of a cylinder.

What is the place on a solid where two faces meet?

As long as they are not parallel, they will meet at an "edge", which is just a straight line .

Solid figure used in daily life?

Just look at the house we are in,the solid figures play a key role in building the house. Look at the desk,the ball,the table,the cup,so many things in our life,they are designed by solid figures first.we can say,it is the solid figure make our life more artistical.

What are the 5 plane figures?

There are infinitely many plane figures, not just five! A circle, ellipse, A triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, and on and on. And then there are mixed figures such as a semicircle, a segment of an ellipse. Not forgetting plane figures that have "random" boundaries.

Can you just buy Lego figures without vehicle?

on eBay you can buy five strom truopers for about $5

How many significant figures are in 0.0050600?

Five. Assuming that the two 0s at the end are not just there for decoration!

What has five faces four of them are triangles and one is a rectangle?

A rectangle based pyramid or just a random 2-d sketch.

Name of a solid with eight edges and eight corners?

According to the Euler characteristic, for a simply connected solid, V - E + F = 2 where V = number of vertices (corners), E = number of edges and F = number of faces. If E = 8 and V = 8, as required by the question, then F = 2. There is no simply connected solid with just two faces.

What is a face on a triangular prism?

It is no different than on any other 3D figures. A face is a surface forming part of the outside of an object, such as "he examined all faces of the crystal." On a triangular prism, there are 5 faces. Two triangular faces on opposite ends, and thin 3 rectangular faces to connect them. To see what a triangular prism looks like, just google it on googleimages. ! :) :) :)