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A wedge from a spheroid is one example.

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Q: What solid has three surfaces?
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Related questions

What solid shape has three surfaces?

A cylinder

Do gas Giants have solid surfaces?

no they don't have solid surfaces their surfaces are composed of gaseous material

What is a solid with 3 surface?

A circular disc ( like a nickel ) would have three surfaces.

Does Jupiter Saturn and Uranus and Neptune have solid surfaces?

No. Gas giants do not have solid surfaces.

Are Pluto and mars the only one that have solid surfaces?

Venus and Mercury also have solid surfaces.

Which which solid figure that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles Solid figures that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles?

a tetrahedron.

Is there a solid surfaces on Jupiter?


Flat surface on a solid figure?

the flat surfaces of a solid figure are the

Which solid has 2 surfaces?

A cone

The jovian planets do not have?

Solid surfaces.

What is a solid with 3 surfaces?

A cylinder.

What is a solid with 4 surfaces?

A prism

What is the definition of a face on a 3D shape?

Any one of the plain surfaces of a solid, three-dimensional shape. Also Called -- side

What planet does not have a solid surface?

Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and Uranus does not have solid surfaces.

What is the sum of the areas of the surfaces of a solid?


The lines where the surfaces of a solid meet?


The four outer planets do not have solid?


Which solid figure has no flat surfaces?

A sphere.

What is when solid surfaces slides surfaces slide over each other the kind that occurs?

sliding friction.

What is a solid rectangle called?

In geometry, a rectangular solid is called a rectangular solid. A cube is a rectangular solid that happens to have all surfaces equal.

Which solid figure has 1 flat surface and 0 vertices?

This is an impossibility. If it is a solid figure then it will have more than 1 surface. If it has only 1surface and it is a solid, then it must be a sphere, but the surface of a sphere is not flat is it? By using the word 'solid' then by definition, it is three dimensional and has thickness. A cylinder has no vertices , but it has 2flat surfaces. A vertex is a point where three lines meet, such as on a pyramid, which has 4 vertices. Have I forgotten something or is this a 'trick' question?

Which planets have solid surfaces?

Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars have solid surfaces while the other 4 major planets in our solar system are gases.

You are a geometric solid you have two surfaces One of your surfaces is formed by a circle The other surface is curved What are you?

a coneType your answer here...

Which solid figure has zero flat surfaces and zero vertices?

A SPHERE has no vertices and no FLAT surfaces

How many flat surfaces on a rectangular solid?