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A bubble because you have the inside and outside, it may not be solid but it may be solid information I dont know.

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Q: What solid shape has 2 surfaces?
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What solid shape has three surfaces?

A cylinder

What is a solid shape that has flat and curved surfaces?


What is a shape that is a geometric solid has 2 surfaces its base is formed by a circle and it has a point at the top?

A Cone.

What is a solid shape with 3 surfaces?

A cylinder

What shape is a pentahedron?

a solid figure with five plane surfaces

What shape has only flat surfaces?

cube There are a great many solid shapes that have only flat surfaces.

Which solid has 2 surfaces?

A cone

What shape has 2 flat surfaces?

a cylinder

What shape is not a solid shape?

A 2 dimensional shape such as a circle is NOT a solid shape, while a sphere is.

What 3D shape has 2 surfaces?

A hemisphere, a cone.

What is the definition of a face on a 3D shape?

Any one of the plain surfaces of a solid, three-dimensional shape. Also Called -- side

Do gas Giants have solid surfaces?

no they don't have solid surfaces their surfaces are composed of gaseous material

Which solid figure has only 2 flat surfaces?


What solid figure has 2 flat surfaces and 0 vertices?


A solid with 2 surfaces?

A cone would fit the given description.

Does Jupiter Saturn and Uranus and Neptune have solid surfaces?

No. Gas giants do not have solid surfaces.

What shape has 2 flat surfaces no edges or vertices?

a cylinder l

What shape has 2 flat surfaces and 1 curved surface?


Are Pluto and mars the only one that have solid surfaces?

Venus and Mercury also have solid surfaces.

What solid figure has 2 flat surfaces and neither surface is a polygon?

a line

Which solid figure has only 2 flat surfaces like circles?

a plane

Is there a solid surfaces on Jupiter?


What are some different types of surfaces?

Any solid object has a surface, and there are almost as many types of surfaces as there are classifications of objects. Surfaces can be smooth, granular, abrasive, glossy, flat, curved, and in any shape or texture imaginable.

What is a solids shape?

A solid shape is a 3-dimensional figure that is hard to draw on a flat surface. A regular shape is 2-dimensional. Sorry is this is wrong,but it is a solid shape

Is a circle a solid shape?

yes Correction: No. It is a 2-dimensional, or plane, shape.