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Q: What sort of pace would you use to run in a middle distance event?
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What sort of pace would you run a middle distance event?

Depending on what kind of shape your in. I am 13 and win all my races in track for a 5k I run <20 min or a mid 6 minute pace.

What are ways to measure ground distance?

Pace Count

What is MT pace in running terms?

what is MT Pace in runners terms here are the meanings: ST pace = short tempo pace MT pace = mid tempo pace LT pace = long tempo pace PHMP pace = planned half marathon pace RI = rest interval (a timed rest/recovery or a distance walked/jogged)

What is way to measure ground distance?

A good way to measure ground distance is by pace count.

What do race pace calculators measure?

They calcute your pace per mile or per kilometer. You have to enter your reace time and distance, and the calculator will calculate your pace. It is pretty acurate.

What is a good pace calculator that is not too expensive?

Many pace calculators can now be found online, and the information they need to calculate your pace is your distance ran, and the time it took for you to run that distance. Alternatively, you could buy a cheap pedometer from your local sports store.

A sentence for pace?

When running, I pace myself because I do not want to run out of energy or breath.The pace of the class was very fast.He set the pace for the run.They had to pace off the distance to set the flags up.

What is a way to measure ground distance on a map?

Measure they key, typically found near one of the corners. And then measure it and see how many kilometers/miles it is then measure the distance from your starting point to finishing point and compare it to the key

Importance of pace factor for engineers?

when you don't have any device (such as tape, stadia, & etc.), you can measure a distance by your own pace factor....

What is a pacechart?

According to runnersworld These charts can help you calculate your pace per mile or your pace per kilometer over a given distance.

What is a pace?

A pace is the amount of distance covered in a single footstep, a way of stepping, or a general term for speed or velocity.

Why would rebecca adlington be good for a swimming coach?

She would be a good coach as she has a lot of experince in swimming and has a good knowleadge in teaching how to pace your self in long distance swims