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It is is Western Australia

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Q: What state is chimney rock in?
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When was Chimney Rock State Park created?

Chimney Rock State Park was created in 2005.

What state is chimney rock located in?

Chimney Rock is a park in North Carolina, about 25 miles from Asheville.

What state is known for Chimney Rock and Platte River?


Which national landmark is honored on the back of the nebraska state quarter?

Chimney Rock

What is a chimney rock?

a big rock in Nebraska

What are some good tourist attractions in the state of Nebraska?

Chimney Rock, the state capital, the sand hills, and the Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha

When was Chimney Rock founded?

Chimney Rock State Park was founded in 2007. The land was privately owned from 1902 to 2007; in 2006 the land was put up for sale. North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources took over its operation as a State Park when the government purchased the property.

Where is chimney rock on the Oregon trail?

Chimney Rock is located in present-day Nebraska. It's a National Historic Site today.

What is the area of Chimney Rock National Historic Site?

The area of Chimney Rock National Historic Site is 335,889.0830592 square meters.

What type of rock is chimney rock made out of?

I believe it is made out of sedimentary rock.

What type of erosion created chimney rock?

chimney rocks were created by water erosion

What does Nebraska's state quarter look like?

The sun is in the backround and also in the backround is the Chimney Rock. In the foreground is the word Chimney Rock and there is a Conestoga wagon being pulled by two oxen with a man urging them forward and a Pioneer woman and girl riding.

How many miles between gaffney sc to chimney rock in North Carolina?

It is 51 miles from Gaffney, SC to Chimney Rock, NC

Which state would you travel to in order to see chimney Rock an important landmark for pioneers traveling on the Oregon trail?


What caused the form of chimney rock?


Where is the Bayard Chimney Rock Museum in Bayard Nebraska located?

The address of the Bayard Chimney Rock Museum is: Box 345, Bayard, NE 69334-0345

How did chimney rock get its name?

There are two Chimney Rocks in the US, one in Nebraska and one in North Carolina. It is believed both were named for their Chimney-like shape.

How tall is the Chimney Rock in Nebraska?

300 ft.

How was the chimney rock formed?

Chuck Norris kicked it.

How tall was Chimney rock in 1843?

300 ft.

What physical features are in Lincoln Nebraska?

Chimney Rock

What trail was chimney rock a marker for?

Oregon trail

What type of coastal features are Chimney Rock?

Chimney Rock Park a private nature park surrounding the striking 315-foot spire on the gorge's southern side

What are the state parks in North Carolina?

Great Smoky Mountains, Fort Fisher, Hanging Rock, Chimney Rock, Cherokee Reservation, Alligator River Refuge, Cape Hatteras, Nags Head.

What is the name of a major landmark in Nebraska?

Chimney Rock is a landmark.