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Q: What term describes the year that all other information found in a chart or graph is compared against?
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Which is a purpose of a T-chart?

to organize information for and against an opinion

Bureau of customs organizational chart?

The organizational chart for the Bureau of Customs describes the responsibilities of different components. The chart describes the function of customs officers and their managers.

What flavor is a pie chart?

If the chart describes statistics on bad automobiles, it's lemon.

What is a growth weight chart?

It's a chart to show how you are growing compared to others at your age and gender.

What data works better a pie chart as compared to a line or other chart types?

To view the majority votes such as population census,election votes, decision making, I feel pie chart is useful when compared to other charts

A drawing that show information?

graph or chart

What is the difference between incomplete and delinquent chart?

a incomplete chart is a chart that is missing patient information and a delinquent chart is a chart that has been signed off on by a physician but is not complete and is missing documents and patient information.

Which will help you gather information better a chart and tallies?

A chart

What chart would be the best to chart the number of votes each candidate received compared to the total number of vote cast?

Sounds to me like a pie chart.

What does the organizational chart look like for the health care information management department?

what is the health information management organizational chart order

What part of a pie chart tell what the chart represents?

The title. And, like maps, pie charts typically have a legend that describes the chart.

What chart can information about elements be found?

The chart is called the Periodic Table.