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Q: What the dimensions of a 4D shape?
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Are there any images of a 4d shape with 130 sides?


What is difference between 4D and 5D?

Different dimensions. See link below for a very good answer.

Is there a possible way to see a 4D shape for, if you want, internity?

If not is not moving.

Which is having the greater shielding effect 4s 4p 4d and 4f?

the correct order is-4s>4p>4d>4f this is because of the shape of the orbitals

What is the surface of a shape?

The surface of a shape is dependent on its shape and dimensions.

Will movies be made in 4D in the future?

It's not especially likely, since there are only three detectable physical dimensions.

What is a 4D shape?

Hello, a 4-d shape is a shape that nobody knows, i do though a four D shape is a four dimentional object which you can pick up. it is a tesseract. (ffaarrtt)

What is a 1 4d sided shape?

Most scientist call a shape with 14 sides a "14-gon" You can also use tetradecagon

What dimensions defines shape?


How many dimensions does a quadrilatrel have?

A quadrilateral is a plane shape and therefore has two dimensions.

Can 3d software produce 4d result?

In animation or game creation, if you want to be pedantic, '2D' software is the real 3D. There are 4 dimensions in total: Height, Width, Depth, and Time. Any '3D' software is technically 4D.

How do you find the dimensions of an irregular shape?

Find the length and width of the shape