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They both increase.

The rate of increase of the surface area is equivalent to the rate of increase of the volume raised to the power 2/3.

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Q: What the relationships between the surface area of an object and the volume as the object increases in size?
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Investigate-how friction increases with increase of size of an object?

The force of friction on an object is equal to the coefficient of friction times the force perpendicular to the surface (normal force). When the mass of an object increases, the normal force increases, and the force of friction also increases. However, because the equation does not involve surface area, increasing surface area has no affect on the force of friction.

What happens to an object surface area as it is cut into pieces?

The object's surface area increases as extra surface which was before part of the inside of the object is exposed. If you found my answer helpful then please click recommend contributor :)

How does surface area affect friction?

Surface area does not directly affect friction; rather, friction is related to the roughness of the surfaces in contact. An increase in surface area may lead to an increase in friction if there are more contact points between the surfaces. However, the type and condition of the surfaces, as well as the force pressing them together, also play a significant role in determining friction.

Is a present between the surface of round object and surface where its move?


What is working distance?

Working distance is the distance between the front edge of the object lens and the specimen surface. Working distance decreases as the magnification and numerical aperture both increases.

Name two ways to increase friction?

Rougher surface and more weight to the object increases friction

What is the difference between surface area and area?

Area is usually pertaining to the area of a 2d object but surface is 3d object

List two properties of the pressure exerted on an object by a fluid?

The pressure increases as the object goes deeper into the fluid; the pressure is always perpendicular to the surface of the object

What factor affects the size of the force between Earth and an object?

-- the mass of the object -- the distance between the object and the earth's center (or the object's height off the surface)

While an object near the earths surface is in free fall its mass increases?

No. The mass is constant. Until it hits.

Is present between the surface of round object and surface where it moves?

friction daw ehh

Does the strength of gravity between two objects increase as velocity of object increases?