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sqrt(56) = 7.483 approx.

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Q: What the square root of 56?
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What is the square root of 3136?

The square root of 3136 is 56.

Square root of 3136?


Square root of 56?

± 7.483315

What is the square root of 56 in radical form?

2 square root of 14

What is the square root of 56 simplified?

Square root of 56 = Square root of (4 x 14) = (Square root of 4) x (Square root of 14) = 2 x (Square root of 14) The actual value would be 2 x 3.741 = 7.482

What is the square root of 56 rounded to two decimal places?

Root 56 = 7.483314773547882 = 7.48

What number is equivalent to 56?

square root of 3136, square root 3146 56x56

What is the square root of 126 plus the square root of 56?

in decimal form the answer is 18.7082869

What is the value of the expression square root of 56 divided by the square root of 14?


A number exceeds its square root by 56.what is number?

"7"is the number because its square root is "49" 49+7=56

What is the negative square root of 56?

It is -7.483 (approx)

What is the square root of 56 to the nearest tenth?

It is: 7.5

Is the square root of 56 rational?

No. The square root of a positive integer can only be an integer, or an irrational number.

The square root of 56 is what?

It is an irrational number and it is 2 times the square root of 14. It is approximately 7.4833.

Is 56 a squared number?

yes, but not of a whole number the square root of 56 is 7.4833147735478827711674974646331

What is the square root of -56?

The square root of -56 is 56i. i being the letter i, not the number 1. The rules apply for the S.R for all minus numbers - it's always that number + i.For example;the square root of -12 = 12iAnd the S.R of -98765 = 98765iSIMPLE!!* * * * *SIMPLE? No, it is totally wrong!sqrt(-56) = i*sqrt(+56) = ±7.483i

Is the square root of 56 irrational?

Yes - rounded to five decimal places, sqrt(56) = ±7.48331

What is the square root of 1222 times 56 divivded by 45?

sqrt(1222) * 56/45 = 43.50219

What multiplied by itself equals 3136?

The answer would be 56. You would square root 3136 which would give you 56.

Which two consecutive whole numbers is the square root of 57 between?


What numder timsed by itself equals 56?

No whole number timesed (timsed) by itself equals 56. The square root of 56 is 7.48331477354788.

Regions that bread down food stuffs mechanically?

the square root of 79,000 is 56

What is the fourth root of 56?

The fourth root of 56 = ± 2.735565

What is the cube root of -56?

The cube root of -56 = -3.825862

Why is 56 not a square number?

Because its square root is not a whole number. The nearest ones are 7² = 49 and 8² = 64.