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A triangulare prism

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Q: What three dimensional figure is made from 3 rectangle and 2 triangle?
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Frustum of a rectangle?

Since a frustum is a portion of a solid, three-dimensional figure, and a rectangle is a plane, two-dimensional figure, there can be no such thing as the frustum of a rectangle.

What is a three dimensional figure with six faces that are rectangle?

A cuboid.

What is a three dimensional figure that has a base of a triangle?


Example of a two dimensional pattern of a three dimensional figure?

square and triangle

How many vertices on a 3d triangle?

There is not such thing as a three-dimensional triangle. You are thinking of a tetrahedron which is a three-dimensional figure with each side being a triangle. This has four vertices.

How many edges does a three dimensional rectangle has?

I don't think there's a three dimensional rectangle, and if the two dimensional triangle exists in three dimensional space, it would have strange properties because it only has 4 edges. There however, a three dimensional rectangular prism. It has 12 edges.

Is a triangle a polyhedron?

A triangle is not a polyhedron. A triangle is a two-dimensional figure, and a polyhedron is a three-dimensional solid. An example of a triangular-shaped polyhedron is a pyramid.

How is a cube and a rectangle different?

A cube is a three dimensional object with all sides of equal length. A rectangle is a two dimensional figure with two pairs of sides equal in length. Three dimensional is like a rubrics cube, something you can hold. A two dimensional figure is something you can not hold, a drawing is two dimensional.

What three dimensional geometric shape has 1 rectangle face and four triangle faces?

A square pyramid

What two-dimensional figure has three sides. two of which are the same length?

An isosceles triangle.

What three dimensional figure has a cross section of a triangle and the view from below is a circle?


What is two dimensional figure?

It is a figure that is flat. For example: triangle, square, pentagon...ect. A three dimensional figure is like a sculpture. Example: pyramid, cube prism...etc.

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