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Mass, acceleration of gravity, and height

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Q: What three measurements do you multiply together to find gravitational potential energy?
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What two measurements do you multiply together to get gravitational potential energy?

Weight and height.

What two measurements do you multiply together to find an objects gravitational potential energy?

Someone needs to answer

What two measurements do you multiply together to find an objects gravitational potention energy?

The two measurements that make up potential energy is ......"..."...."................. POSITION &CONFIGURATION

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How do calculate gravitational potential energy of an object before it is dropped?

You need three things: m = mass of the object (in kilograms) g = gravitational acceleration constant (usually 9.8 m/s^2) h = height of the object, usually from the ground (in meters) The gravitational potential energy are these three values multiplied together: PE = m • g • h

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How can it be explained that gravitational potential is negative?

It all depends what energy level is arbitrarily assigned a value of zero. In gravitational potential energy, it is common to assign a value of zero to the potential energy when objects are infinitely far away from each other; in this case, if they are closer together, they must needs have a negative energy. But if another definition is used, the numbers will vary.

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