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401 AD

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Q: What time did the 5 century begin?
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When will the 22nd Century begin?

the 22nd century will begin in 2100.

What century did Islam begin?

7th century.

When will Hanukkah begin on the evening of December 5?

The next time Hanukkah will begin on the evening of December 5 will be in 2053. The last time this has happened was in 1996.

What year or century did science begin?

Science begin in the 16th or the 17th century about 1600's

What century did the first crusade begin?

the 11th century

What century did the vikings begin to explore in?

8th century.

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When did the 20th century begin?

When the 19th century finished. In 1901.

In what century did Father's Day begin?

20'th century.

When did the Age of Exploration begin?

15th century-17th century

When did ballet begin?

in the 17th century

When does the 22nd century begin?


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What century did villanelle begin?

a 16th century poem with the title Villanelle

What century did the Industrial Revolution begin?

The 18th century 1700-1800

In which century did construction of the great wall of china begin?

5th century

In what century did Spanish colonization of the New World begin?

The sixteenth century.

What century did industrial revolution begin?

The 18th century 1700-1800

How did theatre and drama began in the 16 century?

Theater and drama did not begin in the 16th century. The Greeks produced great theatrical works 2000 years before that time.

When did the 15th century begin?

The 15th century began on the 1st January 1400

What year did the 21st century begin?

The first year of the 21st century was 2001.

In the century did the construction of The Great Wall of China begin?

it began in the 5th century

When the Renaissance begin?

the renaissance began in the 14th century and ended in the 17th century

What year did mariachi music begin?

Mariachi music begin in the 19th Century.

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