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Q: What time is the 1 minute of silence at?
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Do you have a minute scilence on anzac day?

yes, you have 1 minute silence

Who shortened the 1 minute silence?

Naw shaw

When was One Minute Silence created?

One Minute Silence was created in 1995.

When did One Minute Silence end?

One Minute Silence ended in 2003.

Why do you have the 1 minute silence?

to think about all those who serve our country

Why do we have 1 minute silence?

Because 11 is to long for some disrespectful people...

What happens on the remembrance day?

The other Events that occur or happens on Remembrance Day is 1. People go to church and have a moments silence remembering i think 2. The 2 minute silence. 3. The honors the end of WWI by Armistice

What is the origin of one minutes silence?

The Quakers are credited for the practice of one minute of silence. The practice dates back over 300 years ago. The minute of silence is for prayer and reflection.

What are the ratings and certificates for Une minute de silence - 1998?

Une minute de silence - 1998 is rated/received certificates of: France:U

Why was anzc day celebrated?

because we need to have 1 minute silence to remember the people that had gotten killed on the war.

How do you celebrate poppy day?

we hold a 2 minute silence.

When do people observe one minute of complete silence?

On Veteran's Day.