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Shut down the computer and go talk to a real doctor.

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Q: What to do if you have a 12 cm huge mass on kidney?
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What is the densityof an object with a volume of 12 cm3 and a mass of 106.8g?

Density = mass/volume = 106.8/12 grams/cm3 = 8.9 grams/cm

A rectangular solid is 3 cm long 2 cm wide and 1 cm high it has a mass of 12 g what is its density?

The density of a material is defined as its mass per unit volume, density = m/v (mass/volume) One unit for this is grams/cm3. The weight is 12 g, and the volume is: v = 3 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm = 6 cm3 plugging in: density = m/v = 12 g/6cm3 = 2 g/cm3

How thick is a kidney?

The kidney 1 inch (1.5 cm) thick.

Is it normal if one kidney is 11 cm and the other is 11.3 cm?

Yes. Normally the kidney is approximately 11-14 cm in length, 6 cm wide and 4 cm thick. The left is slightly larger.

How many 12x12 tiles are needed for a room that is 320 square feet?

It depends on the dimension used for measuring the tiles. Whether they are 12 in x 12 in or 12 cm x 12 cm will make a huge difference to the number of tiles required!

What is the density of a yellow board whose dimension are 12 cm long by 6 cm wide by 9 cm tall and whose mass is 388.8 g?

0.6 g/cm^3

What does 0.12m equal in centimeters?

By unit of length and mass and conversion ,we can say that 1 m=100 cm 0.12 m =12 cm

What is the density of a metal bar that has a mass of 6500 grams and has a dimensions of 15.0 cm long 7 cm tall and 12 cm wide?

6500 / (15*7*12) = 6500 / 1260 = 5.1587 grammes per cubic centimetre

What is the density of a mineral sample with a mass of 20 g and a volume of 12 cm?

Density is the measure of mass per unit volume. Volume cannot be measured in centimetres (cm). Without a measure of volume, the answer is indeterminate.

How long is each kidney?

11-14 cm in length, 6 cm wide and 4 cm thick.

Are kidney stones measured in cm or mm?


How wide is human kidney in cm?

About 5 cms