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Q: What to do when the coefficients of either variable are different?
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When solving for a variable what should the coefficients be?

The coefficients can be any numerical constants.

How do you use variable in an addition or subtraction?

well, if you want to add apples to bananas you can't do that it's the same with variables, the coefficients can be different but to add and subtract the variables have to be the same for ex: you can't do 4x+3y because they have different variables you can do 4x+3x because they have the same variables all you do is add the coefficients and keep the variable so you would get 7x

What is a variable divided by the coefficient that will equal 7?

Any variable divided by coefficients can equal 7 - provided the variable can take the appropriate value.

How can you simplify variable terms with fractions or mixed number coefficients?


What is algebraic numbers?

An algebraic number is one that is a root to a non-zero polynomial, in one variable, whose coefficients are rational numbers.Equivalently, if the polynomial is multiplied by the LCM of the coefficients, the coefficients of the polynomial will all be integers.

What are the coefficients of the sin 5 x?

the coefficient of the expression is 1 the coeffficient of the variable is 5

What are coefficients in algebra?

The number (constant) in front of a variable (x, y, a, b, etc.)

What is the Simplify 2a plus 4 - 7a plus a.?

You need to combine the different parts that contain the variable "a". Just add the coefficients together algebraically.

What Is A Coeffecient?

Coefficients are the numbers directly in front of a variable. Variables are letters in place of numbers in a mathematical problem . For example the expression, "2x" has a variable and a coefficient. The variable is the letter x, and the coefficient is the number 2. The coefficient is NEVER a letter, and is always a number. Coefficients and variables can be used in both scientific and algebraic expressions.

Can you give an example of variable in a science project?

What is changed, either by you or the different results. The mother-category of the IV and DV. (independent VARIABLE, and dependent VARIABLE) :)

Can you add unknowns that have coefficients and exponents?

the unknowns must be the same variable and the exponents have to be the same. examples) x4 + y4 cannot be added because they are not the same variable. x3 + x2 cannot be added because they have different exponents. 3y6 + 5y6 can be added because they have the same variable and exponents. (answer: 8y6)

Why do materials have different coefficient of friction?

Different materials have different coefficients of friction because the materials have different microscopic bumps and valleys which cause the friction to begin with. Coefficients of friction are constant for each material.