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Q: What to do when you have 2 Numbers in a proportion?
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How do you tell a ratio from a proportion?

A ratio is simply a comparison between 2 numbers. Example- 4:3 A proportion is 2 fractions equal to each other or "proportionate".

What is the proportion of two numbers?

If there are two numbers say a and b. The proportion of this number can be represented as a:b.

What is a proportion for the numbers 40 50 64 80?

A proportion refers to a relationship between two numbers, not four.

Can the number 352 form a proportion?

No, no number by itself can form a proportion. A proportion is a relationship between two numbers.

What number should be added to each of the numbers 3 5 13 and 19 so that the resulting numbers may be in proportion?

Add 2.

What are the first and last numbers in a proportion?


Can you make a proportion out of these numbers 8 22 4 6 5 3?

A proportion is an equation containing to ratios (usually written as fractions) which are equal to each other. This would require four numbers, not six. Of the numbers listed, you can make a proportion out of 4:8 = 3:6.

What numbers are the means of the proportion shown below?

in a number like 2/3 = 20/30 it is 3 and 30. hope that helps.

Arrange the four numbers to form proportion that is true?


What proportion of the first 1000 natural numbers have a 3 in them?


How do you make a proportion out what numbers 14 27 21 28?

Take any two of them and divide. 14/27 is a proportion

A statement that 2 ratios are equal?

A statement that two ratios are equal is called a proportion in math. An example of a proportion is 1/2 equals 2/4. In this proportion, if you cross multiply, you find that 4 x1 is equal to 2 x 2, which is a true statement or proportion.