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No triangle. A triangle must have 3 angles that add up to 180 degrees, and three and only three sides, with no sides parallel.

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Q: What triangle has no angles or sides?
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What kind of triangle has no equal sides or angles?

A scalene triangle has no equal angles or sides.

Triangle with no equal sides angles or sides?

A triangle with no equal sides or angles will always be classified as 'scalene'.

What is a triangle angle with no sides or angles?

That isn't possible. A triangle always has 3 sides. But, a triangle can have no equal sides. That's possible. But a triangle angle with no sides or angles? Nope.

How many sides and angles does a scalene triangle have?

Sides and Angles in a TriangleBy definition, a triangle has three sides. Since the number of sides and angles is equal, it would also have three angles.

All angles are right angles or a triangle has four sides?

False - and false ! Not ALL angles are right-angles - and a triangle has THREE sides !

How man angles does a triangle have?

A triangle has 3 angles and 3 sides, which is why it is called a TRIangle.

How many sides and angles does triangle have?

3 sides and 3 angles

What is a triangle with 3 sides and three angles?

If you mean EQUAL sides and angles, than an equilateral triangle.

Does a triangle have 3 sides and 3 angles?

Yes a triangle consists of three sides and three angles.

Why does a triangles have three sides and three angles?

That is the definition of a triangle. If it did not have three sides it would not be a triangle. If it did not have three angles, it would not be a triangle.

A type of triangle with no congruent sides or angles?

A triangle with no equal sides or angles is known as a scalene triangle. Equilateral triangles, by contrast, have three equal sides and three 60 degree angles.

A sort of triangle as equal angles and sides?

An isosceles triangle has 2 equal sides and two equal angles.

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