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n x (n +1) = 40 =n^2 + n = 40 This does not have a solution in integers Even without the algebra you can quickly note that 7x6 is 42 which is too much and 6x5 is 30 which is too little so there is no solution.

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Q: What two consecutive numbers multiply together to give forty?
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What two numbers multiply to negative forty yet add to negative six?

-10 and 4,

What numbers should you multiply if an item is on sale for forty percent off the regular price in order to determine the amount of discount?


What two numbers multiplied together equal forty-nine?

They are: 7 times 7 = 49

What whole numbers are the multiple of forty?

Just multiply 40 x 0, 40 x 1, 40 x 2, etc.

What three consecutive numbers add up to forty two?

Let the numbers be a - 1, a and a+1. Adding we get 42. This means a-1+a+a+1 = 42 ie 3a = 42 Therefore, a =42/3 = 14. Hence the consecutive numbers are 13,14 and 15. you check yourself by adding these.

What number to you multiply to get forty percent?


What are names of numbers that are multibles of ten?

ok, if you multiply ten by one you get ten. If you multiply ten by two you get twenty. If you multiply ten by three you get thirty. If you multiply ten by four you get forty. Sensing a trend here yet? All those things are multiples of ten. Basically, if a number ends in a zero, it's a multiple of ten.

How do you spell numbers from forty to fifty in English?

forty, forty-one, forty-two, forty-three, forty-four, forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty

If the sum of two numbers is forty-two their product is 360 what are the two numbers?

They would be 30 and 12(30+12=42;30*12=360)*=This means times,or multiply by.

How do you spell forty thousand?

"Forty thousand" in numbers is "40,000"

What comes after forty-third in ordinal numbers?


Twenty multiply forty?

20 * 40 = 800

How do you wriite forty billion forty eight million in numbers?


What are all the prime numbers between twenty and forty?

The prime numbers between twenty and forty are: 23 29 31 37.

Is forty a square number?

No No, forty is not a square number. No numbers times itself equal forty. Some Square numbers close to forty are 36 ( 6x6) and 49 (7x7). Hope this helpedType your answer here...

What are ty numbers?


In maths what are the three consecutive even numbers that have a sum of forty two?

The numbers are 12, 14 and 16. Let the numbers by n - 2, n and n + 2, then (n - 2) + n + (n + 2) = 3n = 42 : n = 14 so n - 2 = 12 and n + 2 = 16.

What is forty one multiply by six?

41 * 6 = 246

What is the product of the first two prime numbers which are bigger than forty?

A prime number is a number that's only factors are the number itself and one. So, the first two prime numbers after forty are forty-one and forty-three. Forty-one multiplied by forty-three is equal to one thousand, seven hundred, sixty-three.

What odd numbers multiplied together equal forty?

This is an impossibility. Any odd number multiplied by any other odd number will come out to be an odd number.

What two numbers multiply to get forty-eight and add to get negative fifteen?

-10.3723 and -4.6277(rounded)

What is forty pounds in kilograms?

First take the weight in pounds and multiply by 453.59. The resulting number is the weight in grams. To convert grams to kilograms, simply divide by 1000. Or, an easier option is to take the weight given in pounds and multiply by 0.45359 (numbers are rounded). In this case, the answer is about 18.14 kilograms.

What is one quarter of 40?

AnswerOne quarter of forty is ten. "one quarter" = ¼ or 0.25"of" = × (multiply)¼ × 40 = 1040 divided by 1/4 = 16010

What three number can you multiply to get forty?

How about: 2*4*5 = 40

What is forty-five thousand in numbers?

45,000- the forty five part is the numbers before the comma. This is a comma , the thousand part means three zeros after the comma.