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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What two dimensional figure can you fold to form a three dimensional figure?
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What is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure?

A net is a two-dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three-dimensional figure.

What is a two dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a three dimensional pattern?

a net

Is a square a three dimensional figure?

A square is not a three dimensional figure unless it is in the form of a cube.

What is the net of a solid figure?

It is the flattened form of a three-dimensional figure.

What do you call a two-dimensional pattern of a three-dimensional figure?

The edges form the two dimensional pattern of a three dimensional figure.A pattern, also known as a netanswer 2: An orthographic projection

What is the two dimensional pattern that you can fold to form a 3d figure?

A net.A 2-dimensional pattern that you can fold to make a 3-dimensional figure is called a net.For instance, make a letter 'T' out of 6 squares. The vertical part of the T has 4 squares, and the horizontal part has 3 squares (one square is common to both) . This net can be folded to make a cube.

What is illusion of form?

In a two dimensional work of art such as a painting the illusion of three dimensional forms can be achieved with the skilled use of shadow and light. A painting of a tea pot or a figure is a two dimensional representation of that three dimensional object, therefore, an illusion of form exists.

Which of these applies to form one dimensional two dimensional or three dimensional?

three dimensional

Meaning of spatial figure in math?

Spatial figure is a three dimensional figure. It is made up of plane figure whose all sides are joined together to form a close figure

How can you represent three dimensional figures with two dimensional drawings?

For example, if you keep on stacking squares (two dimensional figure) on top of one another, it will slowly form a cuboid (three dimensional figures). There is a mathematical way of calling it. Google it!

What is form in painting?

form in the context of art means to make a three dimensional geometrical figure like a cone or cube or cylinder.

Which of these applies to form one-dimensional two-dimensional or three-dimensional?

two-dimensionalOn a+ the answer is three-dimensional

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