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9/2 + 9/2

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Q: What two fractions added together equal nine?
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Related questions

Is three fours equal to nine twevles in fractions?

Three fours (12) is not equal to nine twelves (108). However, three over four (3/4) is equal to nine over twelve (9/12) which are known as equivalent fractions to each other.

What are 2 fractions that equal nine twelfths?

18/24 27/36

What does three fourths plus nine tenths equal?

It is easier to add two fractions together if you convertb them to the same values. You can convert both of these fractions to 20ths quite easily. 3/4 is equal to 15/20ths and 9/10ths is equal to 18/20ths, Simply add them together to find 15/20 + 19/20 = 34/20 now reduce this to a proper fraction... 1 and 14/20ths which can be simplfied to 1 and 7/10ths.

What two numbers when added equal nine and when multiplied equal negative ninety?

15 and -6

What three equivalent fractions are equal to negative five over nine?

-5/9, -10/18, -15/27

What two numbers multiplied together equal forty-nine?

They are: 7 times 7 = 49

Write 9.9 as a mixed number?

We also call them mixed fractions. 9.9 = 9 9/10 ( Nine and Nine-tenths) Nine is the integer and 9/10 is the fraction We call it mixed number because you are "mixing" integers and fractions. You can also write it as an IMPROPER fraction by doing this 99/10.

What is 0.45 as a fractions?

It maybe nine twentieths.

A number added to three is equal to nine?

x + 3 = 9Therefore, x = 9 - 3x = 6

What are three equivalent fractions for nine tenth?

Three equivalent fractions for nine tenths are 81/90 63/70 99/110

What unit fractions represent nine tenths?

0.9 = 9/10

Equivalent fractions for nine-fifteenths?


What two fractions equal nine twelve?

Start with 9/12. Multiply both the numerator (top) and the denominator (bottom) of the fraction by any non-zero integer. You will have an equivalent fraction.

Fractions that equal nine over 12?

3 over 4 6 over 8 18 over 24 36 over 48

Is it easier to work with fractions or decimals?

Decimals until you get to values with over nine decimal places, then fractions are more exact

What are other fractions for 1 over 6?

2/12 and 3/18 are two of the fractions that are equal to 1/6. To find others just multiply the one and the six by the same number except 0. You will get an equivalent fraction. so 1x9 = 9 6x9 = 54 by multiplying both the one and the six times nine you will get 9/54 which is another fraction that is equal to 1/6.

What is two thirds of nine in fractions?

6 or 18/3

What are two equivalent fractions to nine sixteenths?

Negative nine over negative sixteen, and eighteen thirty-seconds are both equivalent to nine sixteenths.

What are the fractions of 9?

I think that you probably mean the factors of nine. 1, 3, and 9 Since we could always keep counting and never stop, there is no possible way to list all fractions which equal nine. The factors of 9 are 1, 3, and 9. If you want to write 9 as a fraction, you could write 9/1, 18/2, 27/3, 36/4, and go on and on like that forever. There' s no limit on how many fractions you can make with a number, but there will be a limited number of factors.

What does nine plus nine equal?

eighteen is the answer to nine plus nine

What are some good fractions to include in a worksheet for a 9 year old?

Good fractions for children that are nine-years-old or younger are fractions that use only single digit numbers. Also, the fractions should be in the most reduced form.

What is the partial products addition method?

Partial sums is actually use for addition while partial products is used for multiplication. With partial sums, numbers above nine are added together in the tens, hundreds, etc. columns first. Individual sums are then added together for the final sum.

What decimal is equal to nine fourth?

nine fourths or 9/4 is equal to 2.25

What is the answer to this inequality 3p - 6 21?

The answer to the equation is p is equal to nine. You solve the equation by putting like terms together and then solving for p.

What is a factor of nine tenthes?

Factors refer to whole numbers, not fractions.

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