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whatto line segments intersect but are not perpendicular

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theres no such thing as that
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Q: What two line segments intersect but are not perpendicular?
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Related questions

How do you know if two line segments are perpendicuar?

If they intersect at right angles which is 90 degrees then they are perpendicular lines.

What does two segments that do not intersect look like?

Line segments that do not intersect are parallel lines

Where do two perpendicular lines intersect?


If two segments that intersect are perpendicular then what kind of angle do they form?

Right Angle

If two parallel lines are perpendicular to the same line do the lines intersect?

the parallel lines never intersect each other but they both intersect the line they are perpendicular to

What are two line segments that meet and form a right angle?

They are perpendicular line segments

When two lines intersect then their intersection is a?

Perpendicular line

What does it mean if two line segments are perpendicular to each other?

their slopes are negative reciprocals of each other. and they make a right angle when they intersect.

Can perpendicular lines intersect?

Yes, perpendicular lines do intersect at a single point. Think of the line representing the x-axis, and the line representing the y-axis. These two lines are perpendicular, and they intersect at the Origin (a single point).

What is a line that has two lines and they intersect with each other?

perpendicular if they intersect at a 90 degree angle.

Can 2 line be intersecting perpendicular?

Perpendicular lines intersect at right angles. (90°) Therefore, by the definition of perpendicularity, two perpendicular lines must intersect.

Is a line which intersects two parallel lines?

No they are perpendicular if the intersect at a right angle. + is perpendicular, = is parallel

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