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They are perpendicular line segments

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Q: What are two line segments that meet and form a right angle?
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What is a perpendicular line segments?

Perpendicular lines or line segments intersect to form a right or 90 degree angle.

How many perpendicular line segments are in a triangle?

if the triangle is a right angle it has 2 perpendicular line segments.

Show a picture of a pentagon with one right angle?

Draw two line segments at a right angle, and add three more line segments to complete a closed figure.

What do two line segments with a common end point form?

No. They form an angle.

Segments are perpendicular what kind of angles are form?

By definition, any lines/segments that are perpendicular to each other either do, or (in the case of non-intersecting segments) would, intersect each other at right angles. A right angle being a 90* angle. Therefore, perpendicular, intersecting line segments will form 4 90* angles.

What angle is included by the segment ab and ac?

If the two segments form an angle it would be obvious that the included angle would be angle a since it is present in both line segments

If two segments that intercect are perpendicualar what kind of angle it it?

Perpendicular line segments intercept each other at 90 degrees which is a right angle.

When two line segments intersect and form a 90 degree angle?


What kind of angle is created by the intersection of two perpendicular lines ray or line segments?

A right angle.

What kind of angle is created by intersecting of two perpendicular lines rays or line segments?

A right angle.

When two lines meet they form a angle or a vertex?

They form a vertex because they are line segments. An angle is two rays with the same point

When a line is perpendicular to a line segment what angle do they form at their intersection?

a right angle

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