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18.583 and -2.583

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Q: What two numbers have the sum of sixteen and the product of negative forty-eight?
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Is negative sixteen an integer?

Yes. "Integer" includes positive numbers, negative numbers, and zero.

How can there be a square root of a negative number?

Square roots of negative numbers are what are called imaginary numbers. The building block of imaginary numbers is the symbol i which is defined as the square root of negative 1. The square root of other negative numbers can be expressed using i. For example, the square root of negative sixteen is 4i, the square root of negative nine is 3i and so on.

Pair of numbers who's least common multiple is sixteen and their product is 64?

4 and 16

What is negative sixteen times negative sixteen?

-16 × -16 = +256

What is negative sixteen times three?

negative 48

Why do credit cards have sixteen numbers on it?

Sixteen numbers are on credit cards to help reduce fraud.

What is the sum of the first sixteen numbers in pi?

The sum of the first sixteen numbers of pi is 80.

What is negative twenty seven times negative sixteen?


Does negative 4 by the power of 2 equal negative sixteen?


What is negative 4 times negative 4 equal?

Positive sixteen (+16)

What is 8 plus negative sixteen?

negative 8.. -8

What is the answer to negative nine minus sixteen?


How do you write sixteen thousand and one in numbers?


What is the product of twenty five and sixteen?


What does negative 18 plus 2 equal?

negative sixteen. ( im 10 and doing this )

How many numbers are on master card?

Sixteen (16) account numbers.

What is negative sixty- five plus sixteen?


What does sixteen minus negative 4 equal?


What is sixteen less than negative 16?


What is the opposite for the integer of positive sixteen?

negative 16

What does negative sixteen plus nine equal?


What times what is negative sixteen?

-8 x 2

What is sixteen minus twenty two?

negative six

What is negative sixty four divided by 2 times negative sixteen?

-64 : 2x(-16) = 2

What is the product of sixteen and six?

16 multiplied by 6 is 96.