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The numbers are: 42+ 7 times sq rt of 30 and 42- 7 times sq rt of 30

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Q: What two numbers that is multipled gives you 294 and gives you the sum of 84?
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What 3 consecutive even numbers have a sum of 294?

96+98+100 = 294

What are the three consecutive numbers of 294?

The three consecutive numbers whose sum is 294 are 96, 98 and 100. Also, 97, 98 and 99.

What is the sum of 586 and 294?

586+294 = 880

What are advantages of using the sum function?

It gives you the sum of two or more numbers.

What do the numbers 255 70 16 added together make?

Adding 255 to 70 gives you a sum of 325. Adding 16 to the sum of 325 gives you a total sum of 341. To verify your answer, you can add the three numbers together on a calculator.

Two numbers have a sum of 31 and a product of 228 What are the numbers?

If two numbers have a sum of 31 and a product of 228, then the two numbers are 12 and 19. Adding them will give you 31, and multiplying them gives you 228.

What do you call the result adding two numbers?

Adding two or more numbers together gives you a sum.

What two numbers multipled together equal1728 and add together equal 2?


What is the sum of numbers divided by the quantity of numbers?

That is called the "average", also known as the "arithmetic mean", and it gives you an idea of the "typical" value of a set of numbers.

What operation gives you the sum of 2 numbers?

The operation is called addition.

What are the 9 odd numbers which gives the sum eighty?

Not possible ! If you add an odd number of odd numbers together, the result will ALWAYS be odd !

How many integers between 200 and 300 have the sum of their digits equal to 15?

Since the first integer of the 3-digit numbers must be 2, the sum of the second and the third digits would be 13.Since the largest digit is 9, the 3-digit numbers could be 249, 294, 258, 285, 267, and 276.Thus, there are 6 integers between 200 and 300 whose sum of their digits is 15.

What is it called to sum to numbers?

I don't think you cant sum numbers. You can add numbers to get the sum.

What are 3 consecutive even numbers whose sum is 300?

the sum of three consective even integers is negative 300

What is the equation for the sum of the two numbers is 82 and their difference is 24?

Suppose one of the numbers is x. Then, because they sum to 82, the other number is 82 - x. Then their difference gives the equation x - (82 - x) = 24 or 2x - 82 = 24

Can the mean be a decimal?

Yes, the mean can be a decimal because the mean is a+b+c+d+(the numbers)....=e(the sum of the numbers), then e/(the quantity of numbers added together to get e)=f(the mean). Sometimes the sum may not go into the quantity in a whole number, which gives you a decimal.

What are the two number have a sum of 14 and the difference of 4?

The sum of the sum and difference gives twice the larger number 14 + 4 = 18 → the larger number is 18 ÷ 2 = 9 The difference of the sum and the difference gives twice the smaller number 14 - 4 = 10 → the smaller number is 10 ÷ 2 = 5 → The two numbers are 9 and 5.

What is the sum of the squares of the first 20 natural numbers 1 to 20?

The sum of the first N square numbers is: N*(N+1)*(2N+1)/6 So putting N = 20 gives 2870.

What does the word mean in maths mean?

The mean of a series of numbers is the average - calculated by added all the numbers in the series and dividing the sum by the number of numbers in the series. Given the set of numbers {1,2,3,4,5}, the sum of these numbers [1+2+3+4+5=15] divided by 5 {n=5}, gives a mean or average of 3.

What are the sum of two numbers if the sum of two consecutive even numbers is 26?

The sum of the numbers is 26. The numbers are 12 and 14.

What does it mean answer to a sum?

To add the numbers together is the sum!!!! to add the numbers together is the sum!!!!

Does product and sum mean the same?

No - the product of numbers is the answer to a multiplication sum, while the sum of numbers is the answer to an addition sum.

How do you find the sum of five numbers if the average of the five numbers is 790.6?

The average of a group of numbers is equal to the sum of the numbers divided by the number of numbers. If you want to find the sum of the five numbers, just multiply 790.6 by 5 to get the sum, which is 3953

What is the highest possible product of 3 numbers that sum to 20?

If the numbers are positive integers then the maximum product is usually obtained when the three numbers are equal but this cannot apply in this case. However, the three numbers that are almost equal are 7,7 and 6. The maximum product is, 7 x 7 x 6 = 294.

What is Auto sum in Excel?

Autosum allows you to automatically insert the SUM function into a cell. It will then also automatically select a group of cells to add if there are cells with numbers in them nearby. If you do it at the bottom of a column of numbers, it will automatically select the ones above to sum and if you put it at the end of a row of numbers, it will automatically select the numbers in that row to sum. You still have the option of choosing a different range of cells to sum. Autosum also gives you the option to do other common operations such as MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, COUNT and COUNTA instead of using SUM.SUM is the total of a range of numbers.EXAMPLE:=SUM(A1:A12) [Adds all of the numbers in cells A1 through A12.]