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N*2N = 648

2N2 = 648

N2 = 324

N = -18 or +18

So the two numbers are (-18, -36) or (18, 36).

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Q: What two numbers when multiplied equal 648 and one is half of the other?
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What does one and one half quart multiplied by 4 equal?

6 quarts

What is negative one half times zero?

Anything multiplied by zero is equal to zero.

Can the product of two rational numbers equal one?

Yes. A half multiplied by two gives one for example. Three by a third or 4 by a fourth or 5 by a fifth and so on, are all examples.

The kinetic energyof an object is equal to one half it's mass multiplied by its speed?


What is one half multiplied by a number?

Expressed as an equation, this would be equal to 0.5x or 1/2x.

What are two consecutive whole numbers that are equal to 20.5?

Not possible, two whole numbers can't equal to a number with a half.

Why does one half multiplied b 9 equal 4 and one half?

Because: 9/2 = 4 and 1/2 or 4.5

How many half hours in an hour?

There are two half hours in an hour. As an hour is 1, while a half hour is 0.5. 0.5 multiplied by 2 will equal to 1.

Are all numbers even numbers?

Nope - only half of the integers are. The other half (of the integers) are odd. Then there are all of the other numbers - fractions, irrational, complex.

How many even numbers in the number 300?

150 (half, the other half are odd numbers)

What is 1and a half multiplied by 2 fifths?

one and a half multiplied by two fifths = 0.6

You can multiply two decimal numbers together and get an answer less than either one of the numbers you multiplied?

Yes, but you need two positive numbers less than one. 0.5 * 0.5 = 0.25 for instance. (half of a half is a quarter)

What is 1 half multiplied by -2?


What is one Half multiplied by one?

Multiplying any number by one has no effect. Half multiplied by one is still a half.

What is the area of a hemisphere?

one half multiplied by four multiplied by pie multiplied by the radius squared

What is two multiplied by two and one-half?

Two multiplied by two and one-half = 2 * 2.5 = 5

What is 6 divided by 1 over 2?

Six divided by a half is the same as six multiplied by two, hence, equal to twelve.

What is one half multiplied by five sixths?

To find the answer to 1/2 X 5/6, multiply the numerators (top numbers) and then the denomenators (bottom numbers). The answer is 5/12.

What is a half multiplied by a half?

It's 1/4

Does sixty-five times three and a half equal three-hundred?

No, 65 multiplied by 3.5 is 227.5

What is 1and a half multiplied by 7and a half?

11 and a fourth.

What is the 1000th triangular number?

The formula for triangular numbers is (half of n) multiplied by (n+1). Putting in 1000 as n you get: 500 multiplied by 1001 which equals 500500. The answer is 500500.

What is 1 half multiplied by 1 third?

1 half multiplied by 1 third is 1 sixth.

What is a positive number such that one half times one third of the number multiplied by one sixth is equal to the number itself?

The only such number is zero.

How do you solve one half multiplied by three fifths?

You multiply the numbers on the top and the bottom separately, then put the top over the bottom and simplify if needed

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