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Q: What two quantities do you need to know how to calculate average speed?
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How can you calculate the rate of speed if we know distance and time?

Average speed during the time = (distance) divided by (time for that distance)

How do you compute the average speed of an athlete?

Cyclists average speed = (total distance of the race)/(time it took him, from starting gun to finish line)

The formula used to calculate average speed?

The formula for calculating average speed is: Average speed = Total distance / Total time Where: Total distance is the total distance traveled in a certain amount of time. Total time is the total amount of time it takes to travel the total distance. For example, if you travel 100 miles in 2 hours, your average speed would be 50 miles per hour. Average speed = 100 miles / 2 hours = 50 miles per hour Average speed can be used to calculate the speed of a car, a bike, a person, or any other object that is moving. It can also be used to calculate the speed of a process, such as the speed at which a computer program is running. Here are some examples of how average speed can be used: A driver wants to know how long it will take to travel from one city to another. They can use the average speed of their car to calculate the travel time. A runner wants to know how fast they are running. They can use a stopwatch to measure their time over a certain distance, and then use the average speed formula to calculate their speed. A company wants to know how long it takes to produce a certain number of products. They can use the average speed of their production line to calculate the production time. Average speed is a simple but useful tool that can be used to measure the speed of objects and processes.

How can I Calculate average velocity without time?

Will you settle for average speed ?The general method for solving any problem is to use what you do know in orderto find the answer. Generally, you never use something you don't know, right ?Well, you told us what you don't have, but neglected to mention what you do have.If you know starting and ending speed, then average speed = 1/2 (starting speed + ending speed).If you know distance and acceleration, then time = sqrt( 2 x distance / acceleration).Then you have time and distance, and you can find average speed.

A car accelerate uniformly from 6.6 m s in 6.5 seconds whats the distance the car travels during that time?

Not enough information. You also need to know how much the acceleration is. Once you know that, calculate the final speed, then calculate the average speed as (initial speed + final speed) / 2, and multiply that by the time to get the distance.

How can you calculate the distance traveled if we know rate and time?

Multiply the quantities you know. Distance = (rate) x (time)

How do you figure out how fast you are going with only a stopwatch?

If you know the distance you've run, you can calculate your average speed by dividing the distance by the time it took.

How long would it take to drive 760.43 miles?

Time = Distance/Speed. You need to know the average speed t be able to calculate the time. And average speed will depend on your mode of transport, road and traffic conditions, whether or not the journey includes stops, etc.

When you know both the speed and direction of an object while it is in motion do you know the average speed of the object?

The average speed is the speed, regardless of the direction.ANSWER:No. You don't. In order to find average speed, you need other variables, either time or distance to calculate an average speed. You might only see a train going up a steep slope at 15 mph everyday and think that's the slowest train in the world. Not knowing that on the other side of the hill it reaches 90 mph on the downslope.

How to calculate the frequency of an electromagnetic wave you need to know the speed of the wave and its?

You need to know it speed, wavelenght and its frequency.

What two measurements must be made to calculate average speed?

If we know the distance something has moved, and the time it took to move there, we can calculate average speed by dividing the distance by the time.If a truck went 60 miles in 2 hours, it averaged 60/2 miles per hour, or 30 miles per hour.

What is the speed of a fall of 80 feet in 2.5 seconds?

average speed = (distance) / (time to cover the distance) = (80/2.5) = 32 ft/sec.We know that the speed was not constant during the 2.5 seconds. But with the information given,32 ft/sec average is the only thing we can calculate.