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star and circle

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Q: What two shapes can not be tessellated?
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What shapes can be tessellated?

any shape even if it is not a polygon if u figure out how

How do you identify a tessellation?

Shapes when tessellated fit neatly together with no overlaps or gaps

What does tessellated mean?

It means shapes that have been joined together with no gaps or overlaps

What means tessellated?

It means shapes that have been joined together with no gaps or overlaps

Can a regular decagon be tessellated?

no it can not i have research it thoroughly i could not find any pictures of a regular decagon tessellated. i did but they all had different shapes so the answer is no it is not logically possible

What regular polygons can be tessellated?

In a normal plane, only regular polygons with interior angles that are a factor of 360o can be tessellated. This means only three shapes: the regular (equilateral) triangle, the regular quadrilateral (square) and the regular hexagon. If the line were considered a regular polygon (with only two sides) then it would also be included in this list.

A section of tessellated plane is shown which type of symmetry does the tessellated plane have?


What does it mean when a figure tessellated?

A chessboard is tessellated, so I assume it is a figure that is checkered.

Can a pentagon be tessellated?


Is a square a polygon that tesselates?

A square is one of the simplest shapes that can be tessellated. Tessellation is the means of using a repeated shape to build a larger shape with no gaps or overlaps.

What is a tessellated image?

Tessellated image can be one of two things 1 a repeating pattern, wether it be a bunch of blue squares or more complex shapes Or 2 what happens when a grid is displayed on a screen too low resolution to display it (happens all the time on my 1080p monitor) it's like if you look at a brick wall then woomera out on the pc, those lines that appear are tesselations

Can a regular pentagon be tessellated?


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